Use A Hair Dryer To Defrost A Freezer


To defrost a freezer easily, try this: First, turn if off or unplug. Remove the contents. Next, blow on the ice with a hairdryer, one small section at a time. The ice will usually melt quickly and you can remove a large chunk of it before it turns to water. Use a clean dust pan to scoop ice loose and dump. Cuts your time in half or better.

By Laura from Elberta, AL



By Kim 8 80 01/10/2007

I use a hair dryer too, and also lay a bath towel on each shelf. As I'm melting off the top layer of ice, it falls on the towel, making the cleanup less messy. The heat also starts melting the rest of the ice so the rest of the shelves are easy.

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By bryguy 2 139 04/02/2011

By far, the fastest and easiest way to defrost a freezer is to use a vaporizer -- the kind that shoots out steam and used when you have a cold, or when the air is too dry. You can get one for about $10 in any drugstore. Amazon sells one for for $11. Basically, filll it with water and put in the recommended amount of salt. Place inside the freezer with the steam nozzle aim at the area you want to defrost most. Plug in (making sure the plug isn't exposed to water!) and within minutes you'll have hot steam blasting out. If you want to melt the entire interior, simply close the freezer door with the vaporizer running. In less than 5 mins, chunks of ice will start falling off. Add more salt if the blast isn't powerful enough but be aware that more steam means more electricity used so your fuse may blow.

This is much better than using a hair dryer because 1) Steam is more efficient than dry heat for melting; 2) It uses MUCH less electricity; hairdryers on high uses 1500-1800 watts. A vaporizer uses about 400 watts with the recommended amount of salt, more if you add more salt, increasing output; 3) it's more convenient. No need to hold on to the hairdryer. Simply place the vaporizer in the freezer and leave. Close the door if you wish; 4) it's safer. The vaporizer itself is made to hold water and to blast out water so you need only protect the cord outside. A hair dryer is dangerous around melting ice.

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The great thing about the vaporizer is that it has other uses like humidifying the air, keeping plants moist, tasty underwear, soothing nasal passages, disinfecting (put toothbrushes in front of the steam), etc.

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