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Freezing Chinese Food

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Can you freeze Chinese food?

By Gail from Revere, MA


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By Faye Dutkiewicz [5]02/16/2011

I portion left ovr chinese Food to fit in Ceramic Ivon Proof dishes. Put you zipper bag in the dish you want to warm it up in and fill accordingly. You can set the bag in the freezer on a tray or actually in the dish. Removed when frozen & put the bags in a Freezer Zipper Bag. I order from our take-out place so there is enough to freeze for later. To heat up,
take the food from the bag, place it in asigned dish, cover with foil and bake for about 20 minutes at 300F, uncove "crispy" food & cook until done, stir "saucy" food and cook loger if needed. Trial & Error but you will be pleased with the results

By Jess [119]02/15/2011

I'm not sure what type of Chinese food you are talking about, but rice freezes pretty well. I also have good luck with freezing stir fry if we have too much leftover, but the texture isn't as crisp after freezing.

Hope this helps.

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