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Reupholstering a Recliner

Leather Recliner

Sometimes it is less costly to reupholster a comfortable chair, rather than buy a new one. This is a guide about reupholstering a recliner.



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Question: Recovering a Recliner Chair to Match New Decor

I have 2 recliner chairs with high backs and a front kick-out leg-raise section. I'd like to revamp the color. Has anyone had experience with a quick and cheap dress-up? There are slip-covers available but it's like getting blood from a stone when I send emails requesting sizes of the covers.

Please don't suggest getting it done professionally. The call out fee would be worth more than the 2 chairs put together. Is there someone who has had experience with recovering? Please help.

By Rebecca

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By Kathy 64 334 06/30/2011

Rebecca, I've been looking into the same thing for my recliner. If you go to, they are well-known for furniture covers and I'm pretty sure you will see the sizes. Or if they show a picture of a recliner that is similar to yours you'll be able to see whether it will fit or not. I also found their customer service to be fairly friendly and I believe they have an 800 number. Hope this helps. Kathy

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Question: Inexpensively Recovering a Recliner

I have a high-back recliner with the leg rest that extends outwards. It is a clean-side model (not Batwings). I'd love to update it with a cheap home-made covering. Has anyone used sheets to cover the arms, back, seat, and leg rest? I have a staple gun.


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Question: Reupholster a Recliner

I just bought a used recliner. it looks like a mid century modern, it has a label that says it is "Design Environment" N.C. The chair is great except that the straps under the seat cushion have all just fallen apart.

I need to replace these straps which look like a thick ace bandage and have metal clips that simply slide into a groove on the frames bottom.

Any ideas where I can find these kind of straps or what I could substitute?


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By jill (Guest Post) 08/23/2005

Have you searched the internet for the manufacturer? or online upholstery shops? or searched for Design Environment?

Have you gone to one who sells recliners and asked questions--- manufacturer, replacement parts, etc.?

Have you visited or called upholstery shops? You can take a scrap with you for matching fabrics or getting replacement ideas.

My local store phoned a manufacturer for me and got answers to my questions.

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Question: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy Chair

How do I reupholster a Lazy Boy recliner and how much fabric do I need?

By Daphne from Cleveland

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By Lilac 20 1,332 08/27/2010

The general rule of thumb used to be seven yards for a chair and fifteen for a couch. That was taking into consideration that upolstry fabric is wider than normal. That might give you an idea to go by.

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