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Reupholstering a Lazy Boy Chair

How do I reupholster a Lazy Boy recliner and how much fabric do I need?

By Daphne from Cleveland

Recent Answers

By Lilac [18]08/27/2010

The general rule of thumb used to be seven yards for a chair and fifteen for a couch. That was taking into consideration that upolstry fabric is wider than normal. That might give you an idea to go by.


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Archive: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy chair?

I have looking for information on how to reupholster a Lazy Boy chair?

RE: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy chair?

If you are not familiar with upholstering you can get books at the library to give you an idea of what is involved. Any piece of furniture will do if you can't find a recliner.

This takes a lot of patience and determination and feeling secure in doing the job. What is the worst thing that can happen? You have to throw it out, but you have learned something or have someone else do it!

I can visualize the pieces of a chair and determine how they are put together.

On my chair I removed the bottom dust cover and the back cover on the chair exposing the inside of the back portion.

I removed (unscrewed) the back portion and was able to work on this separate and them install later after working on other parts of the chair.

Two years ago I did a Lazy Boy, the biggest part is removing the all the staples holding the material in place ...use the material for a pattern. I worked on a section at a time. Just take your time.

I started many years back; your skills improve over time; a learning experience. (03/12/2003)

By sydfred

RE: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy chair?

I just started to work on my Lazy-Boy this week. A friend came over twice and we pulled staples out while the kids played. Now, I am to a part where my husband will have to help because I can't get to the last of the fabric staples without taking the "works" of the chair insides out. We have jumped several hurdles, and it has been very interesting to see all the padding layers, etc. Found a quarter, several pennies and an ink pen. We wonder if we will actually be able to put all the new foam and fabric back on, at this point. But surely it will be cheaper to pay someone to do that part if the old stuff is off. I found fabric at an outlet for about $25 for 6 yards, so I am not worried about ruining it. Also. we decided to take photos along the way, to help us remember how it was all sewn together. And we put all the screws and small hardware in little baggies. (07/01/2004)

By spinsterdutton

RE: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy chair?

Taking the seat off proved easy for my husband to do. The seat back is designed to be unfastened, lifted up and off, allowing you to work in sections. My project is simply to recover the seat, no the whole chair, and my problem is getting matching material. Stapled underneath onto the frame there is a swatch of the fabric and a paper with numbers. The chair is over 25 years old, so the fabric may be too old to still be available. I have been referred to Calico Corners for something compatible and am moving forward with that. Does anyone know how to find "old/vintage" fabric such as I need from another source? (01/31/2006)

By ProfessorBus

RE: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy chair?

Frankly, reupholstering an old, old chair is not worth the time and especially not the price. You can get a brand new chair for less than the cost of upholstering the old one. And unless you are really good at it, I wouldn't advise a do-it-yourself approach. (06/03/2006)

By pooka111

Archive: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy Chair

How much fabric do I need to reupholster a Lazyboy recliner?

Jess from Crossville, TN

RE: Reupholstering a Lazy Boy Chair

The Lazyboy chairs that were made around 68-75 had superior (heavier duty) mechanical parts. (The new mechanisms look, feel, and sound cheap and seem like they would fail after five years of use.) The cost to reupholster may be about the same as buying a new chair, but if the chair is old and still in good mechanical shape, I think reupholstering is a better value (providing you can find someone at a reasonable price). Also, it is one less piece of landfill less damaging to the earth. (01/21/2008)

By TheReupholsteringGuy

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