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Pink Stains on White Trim of Shirt

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I have two shirts that have white trim. Something red faded onto them in the washer? Anyway to get the pink out?

Kim from Arkansas



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By .colm (Guest Post)12/21/2008

I washed my pink shirt with a black, how can I get the black color out of my pink shirt.

By donna (Guest Post)02/06/2008

Rit sells a product that will take all the color out of material, look at the grocery store for this product. Good luck.


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Archive: Pink Stains on White Collar and Cuffs

I have a black knitted shirt with a white collar and white cuffs. My maid washed it recently and for some reason pink stains appeared on the white accents of my shirt. What kind of stain remover can I use that will take out the stains on the white collar/cuffs without affecting the black color of the rest of the shirt. Can anybody help me out? The shirt is pretty expensive and I would hate throwing it away. Marilou Pineda

RE: Pink Stains on White Collar and Cuffs

There is a product in the fabric dye/laundry detergent aisle at WalMart. It's called Dye Magnet and will take the stains out of your blouse. You might also try soaking in color safe bleach. Good Luck! (06/13/2004)

By Lee-Ann

RE: Pink Stains on White Collar and Cuffs

Try: (03/24/2007)

By Mike Gutierrez

Archive: Pink Stains on White Collar

I washed a striped shirt with a white collar with red jeans. Now my collar is pink. How can I get it back to white without ruining the other colors in the shirt? Peggy from Olathe, KS

RE: Pink Stains on White Collar

In the laundry isle, there is a product called Color Catchers. They come in sheets. Use them next time you mix colors and they will catch the dye so it doesn't transfer. Sorry, I don't know how to fix what is already done. (01/28/2008)


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