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Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

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My walls are hunter green in my kitchen with blonde cabinets. I like the colors. What about decorating the walls? Any suggestions? I was going to do roosters, yet they are red. I am not sure if that would look good together?

By Lorri from northeast OH


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By Pam Griffis [4]11/18/2010

I have hunter green walls and golden brown maple cabinets in my kitchen. As I don't have much wall space, I put items above my cabinets. I like using a multitude of items and colors instead of a theme or using one or two accent colors. I have Mexican teravella plates in shades of navy, yellow, rust, green, etc., decorative water pitchers, a large sitting rooster in shades of black, white, red, and gold, etc. Just have fun and put what you like.

By Cindy [3]11/14/2010

I love hunter green walls! It's such a prominent color in nature that almost any complimentary color looks good. Are you looking for a "theme" more than a color, or a color more than a "theme?" Again, if you are look for a color, not too much that clashes with green. If you are looking for a theme, (roosters, fruits, flowers, etc.,) one thing that comes to mind for a kitchen is chili peppers and hot sauce bottles.

Peppers come in all shapes and range from yellow to orange, to greens and many shades of red. You can find many art prints and or posters that can be framed for the walls, or simply place a few strings of dried peppers in a cluster (on a wall, or hanging from a cabinet) that are artful looking. Pickled jars of peppers, or pepper flavored bottles of vinegar can be used as decoration, too. I've never looked specifically for such, but fabric, rugs, towels have been seen featuring chili peppers, too.

Even though my kitchen is not decorated with a chili pepper/hot sauce theme, we are great fans of various hot sauces, most of which don't have to be refrigerated. A wall mounted shelf or two of different hot sauces is an artwork of sorts in itself!

Just throwing some "food for thought" your way. :-)

By Joan [13]11/14/2010

Not all roosters are red, some are black and some are white. Actually the ones that are referred to as red are actually more of a rust color. The little bit of red on any chicken wouldn't interfere with the green.

By Joan [2]11/14/2010

Try picking colors from a color wheel and staying within those two.


When I see red and green together, I think of Christmas, but if you like it, that should be fine. Pretty much any color accent you want to use should go with green walls.

By Ivy [5]11/14/2010

The roosters should be fine. Sounds lovely. You could always add a rooster throw rug and kitchen to towels to pull it all together. Roosters are so great in the kitchen. Best wishes.

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