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Ink Stain on Khaki Pants

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Does anyone know of any good ideas on how to get black (pen) ink out of khaki pants? Thank you!


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By Georganne (Guest Post)11/12/2008

I washed my husbands tan khakis. He just bought them, and it's hard to get him to buy any new clothes. Well I washed them with my daughter's skirt that I thought had been washed enough times, but apparently not. I threw all the clothes in the dryer, when I was folding them I realized there is blue all over them. Is there any way to get this blue off?

By Pebbles (Guest Post)06/19/2008

I am at work and just got a small line of purple ink on my brand new Khaki pants! I still have 7 hours of work! Will the stain set before I can get home and wash put hairspray on it?

By Pants Guy (Guest Post)06/18/2008

I just had kakhis go through the wash with a blue "liquid gel" pen, ended up with stains everywhere. Rubbing alcohol helped but didn't remove the stains (and would have taken forever). Soap and hairspray had little or no effect.

However, washing the pants with 3/4 cup bleach got rid of almost all the stains! Note that this may not have worked if they had been through the dryer.

By Jessica (Guest Post)09/20/2007

Wow, the hairspray trick is almost like magic. It basically disappears in areas where the ink is light, and with a little rubbing it disappears in the dark spots too! Thanks

By Melissa (Guest Post)05/29/2007

What if I already washed my pants without realizing the ink is there, will hair spray still work or the toothpaste?


By dee (Guest Post)09/17/2006

I had my husbands khakis let out in the seat and I cannot get the crease out where the seams were. They are "no wrinke" pants. Any ideas?

By Robyn (Guest Post)05/20/2006

DO NOT scrub the spot if you do the stain will spread! use hairspray!!!

By (Guest Post)05/19/2005

I've tried the ERA and hairspray. Any other ideas?

By travis (Guest Post)09/14/2004

If you have a whole pen concentrated in one spot, like i did, it will run, so be careful!!!!!

By Sue L. (Guest Post)06/15/2004

If you will spray the ink with cheap hairspray and make sure to let it dry before washing, it should come right out.

By Joanne (Guest Post)06/15/2004

I don't remember what it's called but in the laundry detergent isle, look for very small yellow bottles with cleaners for different things such as gum, ink, oil etc. They only cost a couple of dollars but I swear by them.
Also, hairspray works well for ink.

By Guest (Guest Post)06/14/2004

Hairspray can remove ink stains.

By Lee-Ann (Guest Post)06/14/2004

You can scrub the stain with toothpaste.

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