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Getting Rid of Volunteer Trees

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Volunteer Tree

Volunteer trees are not always welcome in the yard or garden. This is a guide about getting rid of volunteer trees.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Volunteer Trees.

Question: Getting Rid of Volunteer Trees

I have a lot of "volunteer" trees (oak, pine, pecan, chinaberry, weed trees) in my yard. They are 1 inch - 6 inches in diameter. I want to get them out of my beds. I have cut them back, but need to kill or get the roots up. I have tried to shovel. Any ideas and thanks.

By laidback arcing from Charleston, SC


Most Recent Answer

By laidback arcing [5]03/16/2010

Some people posted epsom salt and others just have salt. I understand about cutting into the stump and adding but do I water them in around the roots or just put them around the roots and allow nature to do it thing? Thanks for the help!

Question: Getting Rid of Baby Oak Trees

Does anyone know how I can get rid of all these baby oak trees? How do I prevent them from sprouting like this again? Our back yard has lots of oak trees and we love them for the shade, plus we just love trees. But the acorns this year have sprouted like never before.

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Cricket [201]05/18/2009

Hi Ncgardener. Unfortunately my baby oaks aren't in my flower beds. I could handle that better than what I have. Mine are all through my back lawn.
Like you I feed the birds and squirrels and such so don't want to use poisons. But I've got at least 700-1000 of these seedlings literally carpeting my lawn back there. I'm going to have to come up with something soon or I'll be in real trouble with them.

Question: Cassia Tree Sending Up Suckers Everywhere

Suckers of my cassia tree are springing up all over the yard including between cracks in sidewalk, what to do?

By Judith R from Tampa, FL

Solutions: Getting Rid of Volunteer Trees

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