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Perfume Bottle Won't Spray

I have some perfume that won't spray. I have cleaned the nozzles but still cannot get them to spray. Anyone have any tips to help they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Recent Answers

By Carol W. [3]03/23/2012

I emailed customer service about a bottle I dropped. I broke the valve. They sent a new bottle ($80) and I was thrilled. Needless to say I sent a very complimentary and grateful email back. Sometimes it really works to speak up.

By lidylou (Guest Post)10/03/2008

Thanks for that guys I will see if I can get it replaced, as it cost me so much.

By peggygv (Guest Post)03/19/2006

Same thing happened to me as Veronica posted. Most times no matter how long you've had it companies will make good on your purchase.

By pam munro [447]03/17/2006

If you have a bottle with just dregs in it, you can take off the spray top & "milk" what's left of the spraying mechanism by pushing it against a hard surface, so it dribbles out - (I have used the dregs to add to my bath water to beef up my bubble bath.) I wish they made cologne/perfume bottle they way they used to with removable screw tops! I have a lovely spray bottle I got over 20 years ago I still refill with my cologne. It seems such a shame to have to toss those pretty bottles.

By veronica (Guest Post)08/04/2005

This happened to me a few months ago. I returned the perfume to the shop, asking for their help in solving the problem. They replaced the half full bottle with a brand new one!!

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