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Recipe for Clove Oil

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Does anyone have a recipe for clove oil?




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By heretic zero (Guest Post)01/21/2008

You cannot make clove oil by adding gound cloves to oil. What that makes is flavored oil.

By Dee [3]02/17/2005

be careful if using for a toothache, I have heard that it can make you ill.

By (Guest Post)02/17/2005

Clove oil is made from the clove buds and is not something you can make and get an equililent substance. Buy your clove essemtial oil from a health food store or on the internet. It is a very concentrated oil, use VERY LITTLE at a time. More is NOT better.

By Susan (Guest Post)02/17/2005

I've not tried this, but couldn't you just soak a bunch of whole cloves in some olive, almond or such oil for a week or 2 (or 3 or 4)? Just like one would make any other type of "scented" oil? I've not tried making any type of scented oil, due to the fact, as I understand it, there's a risk of rancidity.

If you do the health food store thing, you might check out some books there if they have recipes.

Good luck to you.

By Mary (Guest Post)02/16/2005

You can't really make clove oil easily. Go to a health food store and buy it in the essential oils section. It will seem expensive, but a little goes a very long way. Buy the store brand if you want to save money.

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