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Make a Trellis Out of an Old Box Spring


Gardening is a hobby with my wife and me. As we have a number of Clematis vines the trellises deteriorate. In my recycling travels I came upon a great way to make a trellis. I came by a motel and noticed a discarded box spring by the dumpster. I took it home and took it apart, finding some nice 1x4's and then took a bolt cutter and cut the spring in half and wala. We have 2 great trellises that are now in use. I might add that the clematis and the box springs make great bed fellows.

By Patrick from Mcminnville, TN



By Cyinda 214 1,287 12/20/2008

If it's made of steal, I bet it will look even better when it rusts! ... Plus it'll add iron to your soil!

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By Elaine (Guest Post) 12/21/2008

Do you have pictures? Would be helpful to see them.

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By Andrea (Guest Post) 12/21/2008

would you have a photo of it?
I am trying to picture it and I can't get a good image.
Thanks a lot and have a great holiday season,

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By Liz (Guest Post) 12/24/2008

Now that's recycling.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 12/29/2008

Great idea! I did the same thing with an old headboard...but ACCIDENTALLY. A large Carolina Star Jasmine Vine had overgrown and had been braced up well, so we thought, by a painter of our house. I had intended to set the old but still good heavy wooden headboard out for garbage pick up on another day, so I leaned it up on the two weaking pipes hammered into the ground tied together with long nylon rope, in hopes that it would keep the Vine more like a bush when pruned. It worked for a single season and I began trying to get the pipes straight beneath it, noticing that the old heavily stained with laquer wooden headboard had been leaned at just the right position to begin supporting the posts FOREVER as they leaned together...AND hold the Vine, combined to make a sort of hidden low trellis which the Vine loves and blooms it's healthy heart out each year now. A true "secret Flower B E D! lol I'll keep watch for an old bed spring to tackle next time I need one and am in the mood for yet another project!

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By A Morris 1 3 03/16/2009

I made a trellis for a climbing jasmine out of a dog crate that I no longer used.

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By Vicki Keong 9 23 09/10/2012

It is a great idea, amazing what some imagination can do to recycle stuff. But puh-leeze...all those bed puns?! Ha Ha Ha!

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By littlegamma 7 43 09/11/2012

We really need pictures of this great idea! ;-)

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