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Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to Use Around Children?

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How safe is diatomaceous earth to use in the home? I have fleas, but I also have children. I want to put this stuff in my basement, but I'm afraid that my kids will inhale the dust.

By Dankelty from St. Louis


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By tasana [3]12/17/2011

DE is safe to use around children and pets. Here is a helpful link that tells more about it:

As long as they are not snorting it up their noses, it is fine. My friend has used this with her 10 children and they have not had any problems with it.

By vicki hood [4]06/02/2010

DE safe to swallow, not too good to breathe. Fleas? I would use safe 20 Mule Team Borax. Sprinkle into carpet dry.

By Pat [11]06/02/2010

I use it on my dogs. Dave Owens, The Garden Guy, highly recommends it for fleas and ticks. He even put some in his mouth on TV to show it is safe. You must use food grade and not pool grade, though. It is sold in home improvement stores, usually in the garden section. I use it on my pets.

Pat in Phoenix

By Cora [1]06/01/2010

From all I can find out, DE is not safe to be inhaled for anyone. I certainly would not use it around children.

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