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Removing Coffee Odor From Plastic Coffee Containers

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Use new coffee filters to get rid of odors in enclosed containers. Like re-using plastic coffee cans or in stored Tupperware with lids on, equals no plastic odor!

By nancyintx

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By Snoozy06/01/2011

What do you mean by a new coffee filter to remove the smell? Is this something you place in the pot? I have a plastic, self-contained coffee maker that I need to remove the smell and taste of coffee from as coffee makes me nauseous.
Thanks for the help.

By Maryeileen [76]01/22/2010

This is a great idea for removing the scent of coffee from the container so it can be used for birdseed.

By melody_yesterday [213]01/13/2010

i like the smell of coffee though! Compared to many other scents,coffee is preferred! Why would I spend so much money & extend so much effort to & devote a lot of time to produce that I dislike the smell of? At the house I lived before where I now am I even had a coffee bar (small room off the family room that served solely as coffee supplies, storage & equipment & brewing area with it's own small sink)

So at my house we take coffee seriously. And because we pay the price for the better blends & some of it import, the aroma is essential & if it stays in our hair, clothes or recycled containers it is still preferred over any number of other ones!
Part of the high price we pay to enjoy it is the scent/aroma! Also the men I know, if given the choice of air fresheners, floral, citrus, or coffee would choose coffee! Face it! Coffee is a force of nature! It replaced a lot of other bad habits after & during prohibition & is my drug of choice! Yes! a drug!

We are addicts & a lot of people like myself, if their HABIT isn't sated in the morning & their craving isn't satisfied they go into caffeine withdrawal & are a lot to worry about like any other ole addict or junkie!

p.s. Yes. it is up to the individual with the coffee smell whether they want it in their life where they feel it shouldn't be.
I'm just saying that not everyone finds the smell of coffee offensive no matter where it is. And not everyone would want to devote time to getting rid of it. Thanks!

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