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Removing Odor of Ladybugs from House


How do I get ladybug scent out of my house?

By Trudy from Trout Run, PA


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03/25/2010 Flag

I had no clue that ladybugs smelled bad! :-o Reading the following link I just can't help but ask how many are in your home? :-o The link explains what the compounds are that create their smell but I think you're going to need to do the homework about those compounds to find out how to get rid of the odor :-(

In the meantime, try putting out small bowls of vinegar in out of the way places around your home because vinegar absorbs a lot of nasty odors. And maybe an exterminator can give you other ideas of how to remove the odor.

Let us know what you find out please :-)

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By MB Norton 6 180 03/26/2010 Flag

They are probably not lady bugs but an orange look alike called the Asian beetle. They smell bad when smashed and stain as well. They usually get really bad in the fall during harvest as they get kicked up out of the soy plants, corn, etc. They crawl into cracks and crevices to overwinter. I haven't figured out to get them to leave on their own. I vacuum them with a dust buster or my regular vacuum. This way they don't get smashed.

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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 03/23/2010 Flag

Have you tried burning a candle? Good luck.

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