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No Cheesecloth for Cheesecloth Bag

When the recipe calls for tying up seasoning in cheesecloth bags and you don't have cheesecloth, use coffee filters and stitch them together or fold in a pkg. and staple shut. (Example: pickling spice in cooked chile sauce) Works great!

Ann P. Emond

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By lynda [5]02/16/2007

Thanks for the advice, Im getting ready to make some hot pickled eggs an I forgot the cheesecloth, now I can make my eggs and not have to go back to the store.

By Boone (Guest Post)06/25/2005

You can cut a 6" x 6" square from a clean but old t-shirt and bind the ends with a rubber band to make it look like a little ghost and discard after use. Since I'm out of old t-shirts, clean ones at least, I'll try the coffee filter for my rhubarb syrup. Spanks for the tip. Out!

By (Guest Post)04/24/2005

You can also use a tea ball. I used one before and it work fine

By Andrés Vargas (C.Rica) (Guest Post)04/03/2005

Great advice, it was very useful to me.

Thanks !!!

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