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Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags

Crown Royal Bag Crafts

Those beautiful purple cloth Crown Royal bags are perfect to use in many crafts. This is a guide about crafts using Crown Royal bags.


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Tip: Craft: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

This Crown Royal bag quilt was fun and easy to make. I split the bags in half and cut the sides to get a straight line and uniform size. To square off the bags, I made a triangle pattern to get a straight line. Then I did a 2 inch strip to connect the bags. I had a suede bag that I used for the 4 corners and used the cord from the bags to tie it. Crown Royal quilt lying on the lawn. Close up of corner of quilt.

Crown Royal keeps you warm inside and out!

By quiltingirl from Vista, CA

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Tip: Laptop Cover Using Crown Royal Bags

I used two Crown Royal bags and took a side out and sewed the two together. I had to work a little to get the pulls to work, but once I did, it fits our little laptop just perfectly.

By Di from Great Falls, MT

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Tip: Crown Royal Warming Bag

My son gave me quite a few Crown Royal whiskey felt bags, hoping that I would make a quilt for him. My crafting/quilting skills leave something to be desired, and I found a handy alternative use for the bags. They are the perfect size for rice warming bags! The felt helps the bag stay in place, and there is little to no skill required.

Fill the bag with a decent amount of rice, and sew the top shut. Toss into the microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy 20 minutes of soothing warmth wherever you need it! I made a few for family as Christmas presents, they were such a hit, I'm thinking about making some throughout the year to sell at the local craft fairs!

Source: My arthritic knee and shoulder!

By Aunt Flower from Owasso, OK

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Tip: Crown Royal Pillow

Crown Royal PillowI made a pillow using Crown Royal bags. I couldn't find any cool patterns online that utilized the unique Crown Royal signature logo, so my mother and I designed our own pillow. I would love some feedback. Thanks.

By smokey84 from Charleston, SC

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Crown Royal Bags.

Question: Dress Made of Crown Royal Bags

I am looking for instructions on how to make a Dress out of Crown Royal bags? I saw a girl with one at a Halloween party! She said it was a toga but it looked like a dress.


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Most Recent Answer

By DeltaDawn 1 09/20/2011

OMG! I totally love this dress! Do you have a pattern to share or can you point me in the right direction? I would totally love to make this for Mardi Gras,

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Question: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

Where can I see some different patterns for Crown Royal bag quilts?

By Sarat from Portland, OR

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Question: Making Pajama Pants from Crown Royal Bags

I am looking for a pattern to make pajama pants using Crown Royal bags.

By wiggles from Goshen, IN

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Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I am not a crafty person, but I'm interested in making a quilt or throw out of Crown Royal liquor bags. I've never made a quilt before and don't know where to start. I don't own a sewing machine. Do I need one?

Or does anyone know where I can purchase a new or used quilt or throw made of Crown Royal bags?

Jo in TN from Jackson, TN

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I own an alteration shop and we do miscellaneous things like this. We had a man bring us hundreds of those large crown royal bags. I cut them into a square and made a quilt for him. We also made him curtains. Yes, you will need a sewing machine. I cut them into squares and them sewed them all together to make the quilt top. I then sewed it to a large piece of material to make the back and then knotted the quilt with some yarn. Nancy (11/09/2005)

By Nancy Toepfer

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

When you make the quilt, be aware that the bags are only going to be the top of the quilt. You will still need a layer of lining and a bottom (like a sandwich). Sounds like you are a novice sewer and this is something most newbies are not aware of.

The lining needs to be as washable as the bags. So if the bags are dry-cleanable, the lining needs to be, too. Ditto for the bottom of the quilt.

You can contact Crown Royal and see if anyone knows how to wash the bags. Measure a bag before washing, wash it, put it in the dryer and see if it shrank or shredded. If you wash something white with it, see if the color bled. (11/10/2005)

By cookwie

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I just finished my crown quilt, it turned out great. The hardest part was figuring out a pattern. I would just use your imagination and make your own, that's what makes the quilt special! Good Luck!! (11/14/2005)

By Autum

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I am working on a Crown Royal Bag quilt (for almost 1 1/2 yrs.) and I have had a lot of problems with my pattern. I cut the bags close to the seams and I am trying to use the gold but, I am having a problem with it laying flat. I think I sewed to far down the scallop, which make it bulky. I have sewed and picked so much thread, that I have had to put it away for awhile. I have it laid out again and attempting it again. (12/31/2006)

By Cyndi

Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I am looking for instructions on how to make a quilt out of crown royal bags. Sharon from Kansas

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

While I haven't made a quilt from Crown Royal bags, I do have a good deal of experience sewing with them. I am an member of a Mardi Gras krewe and one year decided that I wanted a vest made out of Crown Royal bags to wear to parades and parties. I saved about 3 dozen bags and carefully cut them apart. I saved every piece of the bag. I ironed each piece flat and stitched them together into pieces of fabric that were big enough to cut out my pattern pieces. To help make the most of the bags, I used the back part (without the embroidery) to cut squares that went in between the embroidered parts. I made the vest as the pattern instructions called for, lining it with a purple satin fabric. I used the gold drawstrings from the bag to make a looped fringe to trim the collar of the vest. I even used one of the drawstring parts of a bag to make a drawstring at the back of the vest (where a buckle would be on a man's vest). I got SO MANY compliments on my vest! I kept saving Crown Royal bags and the next year I made a beautiful shawl to go with the vest -I used the same construction techniques and lined it with the same purple satin. I wear my vest and shawl with black slacks and a black blouse for casual parties and functions, and I've even worn them with a long black skirt and evening blouse for a Mardi Gras ball. A friend of mine made me a Mardi Gras necklace using the caps from the Crown Royal bottles, along with a tiny Crown Royal bottle. And, of course, I don't have to worry about what purse to use... a Crown Royal bag matches perfectly!

A note: I am an experienced sewer and I don't think that this kind of project is a good one for a beginner. Also, the fabric that Crown Royal bags are made of is not very high quality and would not hold up well with lots of heavy use or regular washing. I have my garments dry cleaned to keep them looking their best. (11/11/2005)

By Barb

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I am making one now. I am using the Drunkards Path pattern. It required making the template smaller. So more bags and material is required. I will post picture when I can on my space. I will let everyone know where to check it out. Thanks. (01/30/2007)

By gail

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I have made several quilts out of the bags using the front of the bag for the top and the back of the bag for the bottom, I also made matching body hug pillow cases using the bags, They were beautiful and sell really well. Marty (05/18/2007)

By marmahawk

Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I would like to know if anyone can assist me in telling me how or giving me directions on how to craft a quilt from Crown Royal bags?


Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I want basic instructions on making a quilt out of Crown Royal Bags.

Sharon from Winfield, KS

Photo: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

(format_html) This is my Crown Royal bag quilt. I have five more people waiting for me to make them one. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of time but well worth it.

By Marsha from DeRidder, LA

Crown Royal Bag Quilt


By lewis_admin

Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I want basic instructions on making a quilt out of crown royal bags small and big. Can you help me?


RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

My goodness, there sure are a lot of "happy" quilters out there! (08/19/2008)

RE: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I'm so glad to find someone making crown quilts. I'm on my third. I've had a lot of fun making them hope to hear from someone. April (10/22/2008)

By aprilproctor582000

Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

Anyone making crown royal quilts?


Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

I want to make a Crown Royal Bag Quilt for my husband. Do you have any pictures or any ideas where I can buy the special gold bag that came out in the 70's?


Archive: Crown Royal Bag Quilt

Do you have any words of wisdom as I approach the task of making my first Crown Royal quilt?