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Substitution For Non-Dairy Creamer

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Have you read the ingredient list for non-dairy powdered creamer? Kinda scary. I love the price and the way it tastes and flavors my coffee, though. I am looking for a replacement that is just as creamy. I don't like milk or half and half. Just curious if anyone else has any creamy substitutions? (I don't like flavored creamers either).

Thanks so much, just trying to be healthier!

Robin from Marietta, GA



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By janalma08/16/2011

A healthier alternative to soy milk is almond or coconut milk. Soy messes with people's hormones. Especially bad for little kids, I've heard.


By Vickie Kibellus04/26/2008

Put powdered milk with a vanilla bean in a glass jar. Stir occasionally.

By TABuckner (Guest Post)04/26/2008

I am making a soup that calls for 2 cups of heavy cream. I've substituted fat free half & half with success, but my next weekend guests can not eat any form of milk, but want the soup. What non-dairy substitute can I use in place of the 2 cups of heavy cream and retain the texture of the cream and not change the flavor of the soup?

tabuckner AT

By Lynda (Guest Post)06/15/2007

If you'll read on the ingredient list of Non-Dairy Creamers you'll find, perhaps to your surprise, that it's corn sugar, and flavor. So, just use Corn Starch mixed with equal parts of powdered sugar and vanilla or your favorite coffee flavoring that will last a while, stirring well in cold water first, then adding to hot coffee. It's not CREAM at all, it's just SUGAR! :(

God bless you. : )

By Jeanette/jetts691 (Guest Post)06/03/2007

Has anyone ever had an after taste from the powdered creamer. I don't know how they make it but ever time I used it I would get heartburn and I would get the taste of Soap in my mouth.

By Maryeileen [76]05/15/2007

I use chocolate soy milk by SILK. Be careful to only use a soy milk that says it can be used in coffee (or anything warm) because if it doesn't say so, the soy milk will "curdle"!

By lori (Guest Post)05/11/2007

I use vanilla soy milk.

By Amy Singh [3]05/10/2007

This might seem strange, but I've used flavored soy milk.

By Helen. (Guest Post)05/10/2007

we use non fat dry milk and my husband can't taste the difference. I put in an old contanier I had at one time. I don't use any particular brand of milk.

By no name today (Guest Post)05/10/2007


What I do is save my plastic jars of coffee creamer. Open a new coffee creamer and on a newspaper on the table, I mix the same amount of powdered milk and coffee creamer and put it in the 2 creamer jars.

I buy my powdered milk at Sam's club, in a big container. I still get the flavor and less of the bad stuff.

By denise w (Guest Post)05/10/2007

my hubbys father used evaporated milk in his coffee and sweetened condensed milk i tried both and they are a great substitute

By Jan (Guest Post)05/10/2007

We use powdered milk also & no one has ever c/o'ed.

By Robin [9]05/10/2007

Oh thats sounds great, I will put powdered milk on my grocery list. Any particular brands better or worse?

By Michawn [16]05/10/2007

Fat Free half n half

By carrie (Guest Post)05/10/2007

Hi Robin!

I know what you mean about that creamer stuff! Have you ever tried using just powdered milk? I use that all the time! I even make "fake" cream by just adding a LITTLE bit of water to about a half cup of powdered milk. I've used this with guests and no one has ever noticed the difference! There is virtually no fat, and you get around twice the amount of calcium and Vit. D (compared to regular milk) and no weird unhealthy trans-fats or bad ingredients!! Let me know what you think!

Carrie from Eastern NC

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