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Freezing Carrot Juice

Freezing Carrot Juice

Freezing your own fresh carrot juice is easy to do and a good way to preserve some for later in the year. This is a guide about freezing carrot juice.



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Question: Freezing Carrot Juice


I have just cropped three wheelbarrow loads of carrots. We use carrot juice every morning and I'm wondering if anyone has tips for freezing the juice. I could either freeze the carrot whole and juice them when needed, or make up the raw juice and freeze that. I'm not sure if the juice would need to be processed though. New to this forum - it looks very useful.

Linda in Tasmania


Carrot Juice can be frozen, but it is not so good as a drink as the liquid separates during the freezing process, but can be used in cooking (stocks), salad dressings or in lieu of water in a boxed carrot cake mix! Use within a month. After that point, the carrot juice starts to pick up flavors of other foods in the freezer!

Jennifer A. Wickes

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By Jennifer A. Wickes

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By SL Edens 1 395 07/14/2005 Flag

Oops!!! I forgot to sign in before you'll get this twice...probably. "Great question, Linda. I've wondered that myself so I did some serious surfing today. I found a site that says you can freeze the juice of carrots but it's not really good for drinking when thawed. The author also says you can blanch the carrots and then freeze mention of juicing afterwards (at least that I could see). Here's the site: "

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