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Musty Smell on a Stuffed Toy

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My daughter got an old poseable teddy bear from a friend of mine and it smells musty. Can I wash and dry this? And if I can, how? Thank you in advance for any/all help with this.

jmz2005 from Illinois



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By jmz2005 (Guest Post)07/11/2008

Thanks for all the tips. I will be trying them today when I do laundry.

By Diane (Guest Post)07/10/2008

I collect boyds bears that come clothed and not washable. I put them in dryer with fabric softener sheet on cool cycle. Works great on them.

By Melanie Jackson [1]07/10/2008

If none of these techniques work, you could always have it dry-cleaned. I had to do that with a coat I got from a thrift store, because NOTHING was getting out the musty smell.

By Michawn [16]07/09/2008

Put in a plastic or paper bag with some baking soda, shake around and let sit for while, dump out the item, leave outside out of the sun and vac. any residue off.

By Kim [1]07/09/2008

I take all our stuffed animals and put them in a pillow case secure with a scrunchy and then toss in washing machine cleans really well and does not mat the fur even the ones with the fluffiest fur I dry them the same way too!

By mcw [80]07/09/2008

Add some baking soda or vinegar to the wash water, it will remove the musty odor.

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