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Polymer Clay Designs


Does anyone know of a good website for polymer clay designs? I know there are lots of cute ones, but can't seem to find the appealing ideas I want. I already have the clay, and want to make some gifts. Thank you.

By zballoongirl


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By DL1052MCD 1 21 03/31/2005 Flag

Here is a site that has a LOT of information on polymer clay:

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 05/21/2005 Flag

YES! Finally someone else interested :P I've never used any clay before but after watching crafters coast to coast, I seen a girl make beautiful bracelets. So, I decided to research and found this awesome site

hope it has what you need. I dying to get some poly clay :D I just have to get the cast off my right arm :( broke it the day before mother's day :P

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By Banu Paranth (Guest Post) 08/15/2005 Flag

if you r a beginner, pl visit
it has various skill level projects, Good luck from a real clay lover!!!!

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By Jennifer GROSJACQUES 3 19 10/16/2007 Flag

I have loved polymer clay since I first stumbled across it on a televised craft show back in 1996 there was a woman on the show explaining how to create figurines with polymer clays. She later started writing books on the art of polymer clay and now has her own business creating her own unique styles and teaching others how to use their creativity with this wonderful medium. She has since written tons of great books, with wonderful imaginative ideas. her name is maureen carlson and her line of clay creations are called "wee folk" she has a great website at I'm not sure if there are complete directions at this site, but by browsing through her creations I'm sure it will spark your own imagination with several ideas! she also has a listing for the books that she has written for sale on this site...however I would deffinately look for her books used, at, or as they are very high priced on her site. hope this at least gives you an idea of the really great projects you can create. God bless and good luck with your crafts :)

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By Beanieway (Guest Post) 09/12/2008 Flag

Has anyone seen a formula for making african animal prints..ty

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