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Is Tuna Safe for Cats?

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cat eating tuna

Some kitties love the taste of tuna, but you may have concerns about its safety. This is a guide about "is tuna safe for cats?"



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Question: Is Tuna Safe for Cats?

Is canned Tuna dangerous to feed to cats? I have heard that it can cause Kidney Damage!

Hallie from Franklin, TN


Most Recent Answer

By Tess Vowels [1]12/14/2011

Had a cat that got sick & thought poisoned. Poison Control Center told me to give the cat "tuna water"... He lived a long life!! The 2 I have now love tuna & on occasion, I split a can between them, but if you look at the info on can, it's usually high sodium which I think would affect the kidneys. Everything in moderation and the dry foods (look at label) start ingredients with corn & chicken byproducts. This cannot be good! So, I am working some better proteins into their diets. It's harder because they tend to be finicky, but mixed with tuna water, on occasion, they are adjusting!

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