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Covering Up Clorox Stains On Carpet

How can I remove/hide Clorox stains on carpet? I have a small Clorox stain on my carpet near the washer and I heard that there is some type of dye or spray that is available to cover it up. Has anyone heard this?



Recent Answers

By pam munro [447]08/27/2008

I would just use a marker as close as possible to the carpet's color - use permanent marker if you can - but otherwise scraft markers will work fairly well, too but won't be as durable & waterproof. You can even use colored eyemakeup to color the spot!

By Peggy [60]08/27/2008

I've done this more times than I could count,,,lol,,,I've used rit liquid dye as close to matching the carpet as possible. Even mixing colors when it wasn't quite right. Dab on with a sponge lightly. Sometimes it gets darker as it dries so use sparingly at first.

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