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Life After Acrylic Nails


I just removed my salon acrylic nails and my nails are thin and weak and rough. Any suggestions to help repair them?

By Rose from Indianapolis, IN


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By Joan 13 1,482 01/16/2011

I had acrylic nails about 25 years ago, and left them on until they started popping off, then soaked the rest off in nail polish remover. I didn't really notice any weakness in my nails, but they didn't look nice until after they had grown out.

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By Carrie Wilson 3 42 01/16/2011

Get some wraps. Wraps will grow out nicely and allow your natural nails to look nice while growing them out. Wraps do not need to be maintained. Once they grow all the way out and your natural nails are now strong, you're done. Wraps will help brittle thin nails to not break off while you are growing new nails, btw.

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By Betty 14 78 01/18/2011

Rub warm olive oil into your nails and the nail bed at least once a day. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast they grow out and how healthy!

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By Kaylee 1 01/27/2011

Nailtiques. It's a nail strengthener like no other! I have gone back and forth putting acrylics on and taking them off for years and have used nailtiques formula 2 nail strengthener every time. Your nails will be perfect in a week. :)

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By susanmahtesian 1 03/24/2013

I was a nurse so I had to keep my nails short. My exhusband was a complete fingernail fiend. That pig would stare at any women even if she was fat, old or ugly. If she had beautiful long nails he would go gaga. I divorced him and my nails have ridges. I thought acrylic nails would help our marriage. I do not have a marriage or pretty nails anymore.

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Archive: Life After Acrylic Nails

After some 20 years of acrylic nails, I have decided to wear a more natural look and have removed my nails. Yikes. Scary. My weak and brittle nails are still the same. Any suggestions on keeping them strong and healthy? Surely something wonderful has come on the market in the last 20 years for people like me? Thanks a lot.



RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

My nails were stronger when I wore nail polish all the time. I never went a day without it. (07/10/2005)

By beanygurl

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I am Canadian, don't know if you are or not, but I found this product from "ASK" cosmetics. They have a nail conditioner called "A.S.K". It is not a nail polish, but a nail conditioner. I bought it from the Home Shoppers Network. It has done wonders for my nails, which used to break and split and bleed sometimes.
Now I have to keep my nails cut to keep them at the length that I want them at.

Sorry I goofed, first time poster(newbie). The product is called "T.I.P.S" not "A.S.K". It is from Ask Cosmetics in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By angelcat

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Your nails reflect your nutrition. I you feed them right you will also be protecting your joints. People take Glucosamine and Chondroitin for their joints and find that they have stronger nails. Less expensive is gelatin which does the same thing. (07/10/2005)

By Barbara

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Sally Hansen Nail supplies are fabulous. I forget the name of it, but there is a nail strengthener polish in a gold bottle that works great. (07/10/2005)

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

When I had weak nails, I used Nailtiques Nail Protein which worked well. I currently take "Skin, Hair, and Nails" supplements by Nature's Bounty. I also take Glucosamine and Chondroitin which I didn't realize helped my nails, but a previous post suggested that. Makes sense.

I also make sure that if I don't have time to paint my nails with a couple coats of color, then I wear a Sally Hanson clear coat polish. (07/11/2005)

By CeiliSue

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Vermont Country Store has Barielle products originally made to strengthen horses hooves, but when they realized their grooms had great nails, went into nail products. My manicurist told me about this stuff-works great. Just go to -great site for lots of things. (07/12/2005)

By Annie

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Had the same problem. Tried Barielle (pricey) and then I went to a feed and seed store (where they sell products for horses) and bought a 2 pound pump-type jar of "The Hoof Maker" by Straight Arrow. This is one of the products that Barielle copied. In no time my nails were back in shape and it improved the overall condition of my cuticles. Good luck. (07/12/2005)

By ShellyE

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I had the same problem I wore acrylic nails for a few years without a break and I took them off and found Diamond Hard Nails really works. My nails are healthy and stronger than ever. Hope it works for you. (08/21/2005)

By Ashley

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I used to have really thin nails, after finding out about my thyroid problem, my endocrinologist prescribed Calcitrol for me. After doing a blood test, it showed my body wasn't absorbing the calcium that I was taking in. My nails are a lot better than they were, much harder, but still peel on occasion. If I wear nail polish really often, have never worn acrylics, my nails turn yellowish. I've been told not to wear nail polish continuously, but to give my nails a break, to give them time to breathe, as they'll be healthier. I'm finding that it's true. (09/13/2005)

By badwater

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

You can try Jojoba oil ( Ibelieve that is how it is spelled) that is what we used when we would give clients gel or acrylic nails to help them from going soft underneath. (12/15/2005)

By ugotsher

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I wore acrylics and gel tips on and off for around a year, then I decided to take them off. Now, I am using Duri Rejuvocate, and I recommend it to anyone with the same problem. I don't know if Duri is just a New York company, because it is produced in the Big Apple, but I recommend it highly. Hope this helps. Take care of your nails. (04/17/2006)

By Sofiya

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I use to wear acrylic nails and had the same problem. Go to Walmart and buy a cream called Hard As Hoof it is a nail strengthener cream. It works fantastically. My nails look better now than when I had the acrylic ones on.

By Jess

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I have a friend who is an instructor at a cosmetology school. I asked her how to return to my natural nails after 8 years of acrylics. She said that OPI Nail Envy is the best product on the market for restoring/strengthening natural nails. And the best way to remove the acrylics is to allow them to grow out and keep them manicured and trimmed as they grow. Not easy, sometimes painful, but worth returning to au natural. (06/21/2007)

By Pat

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Here's a tip for making your nails healthy and strong again after acrylics, Prenatel Vitamins. I'm serious. Although I'm not pregnant but trying, I started taking these shortly after biting off my fake nails and now my nails have never been healthier. They are so strong and look beautiful. I don't even want to paint them because they look so good now. All the vitamins in the Prenatels have made my hair also very strong and beautiful. (03/07/2008)

By Dawn

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

I took advice from someone to try Call Nature Perfect Nails. It really works. I rub a few drops into the cuticles and my nails have grown a lot faster within a week of use. (07/15/2008)

By Boston02

RE: Life After Acrylic Nails

Fish Oil or Flax oil seems to help my nails and hair (and eyelashes, yea). 02/13/2009)


Archive: Life After Acrylic Nails

I'm letting my nails grow out from gel wraps and Acrylic nails. I've been cutting them short, but now that they are half "my nail" and half what's left of the Gel nail, I can see how soft and weak they are. Should I remove the remaining Gel part?

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