Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor


My two year old decided she wanted to color all over the kitchen floor with blue permanent marker. We have tried everything: Comet, bleach, Magic Eraser, finger nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, bug spray "OFF", hairspray, and peroxide. Nothing is working. Anyone got any other ideas?

By Kristy from Slidell, LA


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By Jill 4 738 10/22/2010

Did you try the hand gel yet? You might also try "goof off". Good luck!

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By Mary Nelson 5 50 10/26/2010

I have used Shaklee's Liquid At Ease to get permanent marker off floors and counter tops. It works really well. It is expensive, but a bottle lasts a long time.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 10/26/2010

WD40? It is supposed to be good for all sorts of things. Only try a small spot at first though, as it is very smelly, and also a lubricant, so it will make the floor slippery. I haven't tried it, but it was all I could think of. Permanent marks are called "permanent" for a reason, aren't they!

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By susan 33 441 10/26/2010

I used to sell flooring. The best thing to do is call the manufacturer. If they cannot tell you then it might be under warranty (obviously crayon wouldn't) and if you use other things to get stains out it may void the warranty. You could also patch the space if you have some left over vinyl. Good luck.

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By Grace Cornett 1 02/13/2011

My three year old son had the exact same artistic juices flowing your daughter had, only mine used black permanent marker on very light beige flooring. Our problem was we didn't have a chance to try to clean it up right away so it was really set in! First, we used a steam mop--no good. Then we used a Magic Eraser (which worked beautifully on the crayon and permanent marker he decided to use on my wood surfaces!), no good. then I tried something called "Everything and the Kitchen Sink" which is all natural and not abrasive. Also, no good. Then I went to this website and another website where I found the most impossibly easy solution to the problem, and it worked! Whitening toothpaste!! We used Crest Whitening toothpaste with Scope, a scotch brite sponge (the scratchy side), hot water and a little bit of elbow grease and it came up in no time. I couldn't believe it! And, our kitchen now smells minty fresh to boot! :-)

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By Analisa B. 1 01/07/2014

Had my three year old mark my vinyl floor this morning with black permanant marker and the only thing that worked leaving no marks behind was: Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foam for Shower. I was amazed!

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Archive: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

One of my toddlers got a hold of my permanent sharpie blue marker. I now have a beautiful blue design on my floor. I have tried using nail polish remover, OOPS, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with no luck. Any ideas?

Janet from VA

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

Give bug spray a try. You may need to spray it on a couple times. I have used this many times, but would like to hear if it is working for others. (06/20/2005)

By CRMom

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

Somewhere on this website I remember reading a tip to use Purell hand sanitizer gel to remove ink marks from a vinyl doll face. It might be worth a try. They sell little bottles of it for a dollar in the check out display at WalMart. (06/20/2005)

By Grandma Margie

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

I just used bug spray on my hardwood floors and it worked on the permanent marker! Thanks for the info, it saved my floor! (07/27/2005)

By Elizabeth

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

I don't even believe it, but that hand sanitizer gel got the bright red marker off the floor. Thank you very much. (08/24/2005)

By Tina

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser spared my daughter's life. We tried everything from Goof Off, nail polish remover, WD-40, etc. and nothing budged it. The Magic Eraser did the trick when she colored with a Sharpie marker on our vinyl floor while we were trying to sell our house. (09/08/2006)

By Tracy

RE: Permanent Marker on a Vinyl Floor

Thank you! Thank you! We just put in new lino and this morning my daughter got dry erase marker on it. I checked out this site and thanks to your advice, I was able to remove it. I used OFF!. Just spray it on and let it sit a few minutes and with a little elbow grease, it comes off! Thanks. (01/16/2008)

By Brenda D

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