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Removing Permanent Marker a Linoleum Floor

Category Stains
This is a page about removing permanent marker from vinyl and linoleum floor . Despite the name, permanent marker stains may sometimes be removed quite effectively.


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November 5, 2009

How can I remove black permanent marker from my linoleum? I've tried everything and nothing works.

By vikki from England


February 1, 20050 found this helpful

My cousin's two year old recently found a permanent marker and drew all over their kitchen floor. Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how to get this out? None of the cleaners she has tried have worked so far. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!


Response By CRMom:

Try bug spray. This really does work.

Response By Susan:

I just had great success removing permanent marker stains from a vinyl baby doll's head using hydrogen peroxide. I swabbed the mark with the peroxide and let the doll sit in the sun for a couple hours. I had tried EVERYTHING (acetone nail polish remover, bleach, paint thinner, citrus oil, Mr. Clean Eraser sponge. The mark is almost gone. I plan to repeat the process until it's completely gone. Found this on a website devoted to doll care -


The website recommends Oxy 10 acne cream but I decided to just try the peroxide and it seems to be working.

Response By Marianne:

Hi, I just had an "emergency" with my 2 sons coloring with red and blue permanent markers on the new linoleum in our kitchen this morning. I found this forum (thank goodness!). I tried the hairspray technique and it worked!!! It took a little scrubbing but did the trick!

Response By Phelps:

If the floor has lost it's protective clear coat and it's basicaly just vinyl, exposed. the marker could have permanently dyed it and you are out of luck.

I guess it has to do with the way vinyl 'wicks' and perhaps the ink molecules are small enough to lock in between every nook and cranny of the vinyl molecules...hence permanently dying it.

I experimented heavily on trying to remove various colors of markers and ink (ball point) from the heads of vinyl baby doll heads. I was able to reduce the marks but not totally eliminate them. I used bleach, acetone, laquer thinner, (and other of these type of volotile solvents that come in those metal square cans)degreasers, goo gone, goof off, oven cleaner, vinegar and concentrated citrus cleaners and other things. Like I said, I only could reduce the intensity of the stain..not eliminate it.


The bottom line: Dyes are both a blessing and a curse.if you could esily remove something that has the properties of a dye, then stuff like clothes and carpets would turn white after a while, from cleaning them.

Response By cheryl:

just spray hairspray on it and wipe with paper towel.

Response By Kerri

Nail polish remover has worked well for me too--but you have to use the kind with acetone in it. :)

Response By nevaeh78420:

Try mean green from the dollar stores my son had put marker on the walls and i just sprayed it on no wiping or anything it took it right off

Response By michelleanne:

Try using the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. For me that works small miracles.

Response By Derek:

Try a product called Orange De-Solv it. It is in the cleaner isle at Wal-Mart, and I found this stuff to remove just about anything. I even managed to get permanent marker off my wooden table after the kids marked on it by using this stuff. If that doesn't work, try Bon Ami scouring powder- it is about the least abrasive, yet very good cleaner I have used for stains like this.


Response By Praiz777:

Try nail polish remover. I am not sure it will remove from linoleum, but I have used it to remove from hands and cabinet top.
Hope this helps. :o)

Response By Praiz777:

Try nail polish remover. I am not sure it will remove from linoleum, but I have used it to remove from hands and cabinet top.
Hope this helps. :o)

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November 5, 20090 found this helpful

When I'm doing crafts, I use Rubbing Alcohol. If you worried about your floor, you should dab it on with a Q-tip & let sit a minute. As a second, stronger option, have you tried Fingernail Polish Remover? If you already have, make sure it was the kind that's not made for artificial nails! The "Regular" type is stronger.

When I worked for Boeing, they used Ketone to remove permanent marker & a whole host of things. You buy it at the hardware store. & use with an open window!

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November 7, 20090 found this helpful

Try spraying WD 40 on it, wait a minute and wipe off.

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November 7, 20090 found this helpful

I have used nail polish remover at work to remove permanent marker just put on cotton ball and rub it off.

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November 7, 20090 found this helpful

If all else fails try rubbing gently with an sos pad.

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November 14, 20090 found this helpful

Try this trick: It usually works. take one of those dry erase markers in the same color of the permanent marker and color over the permanent marker then wipe off.


It should take up the permanent marker when you wipe it off. It works almost every time.

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August 25, 20130 found this helpful

My 3 year old decided to draw on the linoleum floor this morning with blue permanent marker. Found this website and tried the nail polish remover trick and it brought it right up and wiped away with a paper towel.


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March 11, 20160 found this helpful

Scubby bubbles!!! It works!!

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January 6, 20170 found this helpful

The bug spray...that was the first answer worked perfectly! The black marker was off the vinyl in seconds! Thanks

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January 18, 20170 found this helpful

So I literally go trial an error, but I used a little bit of peroxide, baking soda(arm & hammer), and commet powder cleaner w/bleach, and a little toothbrush. The pink sharpie came right out with a bit of friction and I wiped up the residue with a warm wet rag. Simple...

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July 27, 20170 found this helpful

I used Magic Eraser to get permanent marker of a formica with a little bit of scrubbing.

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November 5, 2009

My son wrote on my linoleum kitchen floor with a blue permanent marker. Any suggestions of how to get it off, he also wrote on my wall.

By vickie from LA



Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I would use Goo Gone. (03/24/2009)

By Heather Krucker

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I would try the Magic Eraser. It worked getting highlighter off my walls and always works getting the black shoe marks off my linoleum. I use it for most everything. Even gets Kool Aid stains out of my 1940 counters. Nothing else works. (03/24/2009)

By Sherry Gag

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

This literally just happened to me. Bleach pens do not work, however OxyDeep Stain remover (generally for carpets) in the blue spray nozzle bottle and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser did the job together, but not separately. Marks are totally gone and it was a black Sharpie she used. (05/12/2009)

By mandy

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March 23, 2009

Does anyone know how to get permanent marker stains off a linoleum floor? My 2 year old has been having a lovely time being artistic there. The ink came off but there is a "shadow" stain where he drew. Also, blue ink from a ballpoint pen. The lino is pretty cheap and nasty. We've tried just about everything we could think of from methylated spirits to printers paint stripper, but so far no luck. - bronze


Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

OK, try not to laugh. Use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to scrub the stain out - we've had to do this a few times with 4 children - this solution has never failed me. (01/27/2005)

By Shari

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Someone got hair tint on my bathroom floor, and it took me a long time to get that off. I used Soft scrub, and really scrubbed, and some Comet. It took some time, but it finally came off. I suppose that would work if the toothpaste doesn't. However, the toothpaste sounds like a good idea too. (01/27/2005)

By Alleen

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Have you tried hair spray or rubbing alcohol? That might work. (01/27/2005)

By Anna

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I agree with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I've removed stains off smooth surfaces where nothing else seemed to work.
Susan from ThriftyFun (01/27/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Spray and Wash (for laundry stains) works great on removing just about anything from lino floors. Just spray it on, let it set for a few minutes and wipe it clean. If you can find it in the aerosol can it works the best, why I don't know but it works 100 times better then the non aerosol bottle. (01/27/2005)

By Pam

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Magic Eraser is a real waste of money. After I spent lots of money cleaning up after my artistic two year old, I found wetting a rag and dabbing baking soda on it and scrubbing takes out crayon and marker. Windex works, if you prefer, works great, requires often alot of scrubbing, but, no more scrubbing than Magic Eraser requires. That really is just a money maker. I don't suggest Magic Eraser any more because while scrubbing, it tends to fall apart and shrivel, and it leaves marks onto white walls! (03/08/2005)

By kurdinat

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Use smooth top oven cleaner and cloth, comes right up. (05/25/2005)

By Chris

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I have 2 words: bleach pen. (06/20/2005)

By Emma

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

If you use lacquer thinner, that should work well on linoleum, although it will dim your linoleum some, potentially.

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Deep Woods Off works wonders. You have to let it sit for a couple minutes before you wipe it off, but it works wonders. (11/03/2005)

By Crystal

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

My 2 1/2 year loves to draw with pens, markers, yes even permanent markers. This morning she decided to draw on our linoleum floor with a black permanent marker. I saw this website and tried 2 of the things suggested. First I tried hairspray. It took the darkness right out of the floor, but left a noticeable shadow. I then used nail polish remover and that just about got the whole stain out. There's still a light shadow of marker there, but it looks much better than it did. (11/07/2005)

By Eryne

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I use OFF bug spray to get permanent marker off classroom desks, floors, walls. It does get some of the paint off wall, and sometimes I have to leave it on the spot a little and then wipe up. I used the OFF with a Magic sponge to get built up wax that was dirty and thick off the floor. (02/22/2006)

By Angie

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I didn't have permanent marker stain, but it was a dye stain of some type (bright yellow). I tried some of the cleaners and scrubbing. I just finished tiling the shower stall with slate tile and had Marble and Stone Cleaner from TileLab. I tried that and a nylon scouring pad and it took about 5 minutes to get clean. And didn't damage the shine of the floor. (03/16/2006)

By B.L

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Hair spray works well on most ink based stains. (03/20/2006)

By Ashley

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Easy Off Bam! (05/17/2006)

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I just went through this. I tried Goo-Gone, nail polish remover, and aerosol Spray and Wash all failed. Toothpaste worked OK (the smokers kind worked much better than any other), but what really did the job was Oxyclean. I used very little water so its still gritty. This works. (10/30/2006)

By mike

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

My 2 yr old daughter got permanent marker all over the kitchen linoleum. So I came to this website for help. I so got some good ideas but didn't have everything that was mentioned. So I was using straight bleach and a dobie scrubber. It was coming off little by little but wasn't getting the results I wanted. Then it hit me, I have a car buffer in the garage. That surely would save me some elbow grease. And wouldn't you know it, it did the trick. (12/27/2006)

By Glenn

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

If this is a true linoleum floor, don't treat it like vinyl. Follow above link for details.


Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Try Lysol spray and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It worked on my floor after my 8 year old got bored and wrote on it with a permanent marker. (03/05/2007)

By Rebecca

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I made the mistake of leaving stale bread in its foil bag on the kitchen floor, the colour came off the packaging and made a nice purple stain on the lino.

I found a combination of using bleach and Tesco universal power spray with a scouring pad worked quite well. (07/14/2007)

By Phil

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I could kiss you! We are selling our house and I didn't want to put new vinyl tiles down but had a big purple ink stain on the floor from a box. It has been there for years and I have tried everything. Today I tried the bleach and fingernail polish remover together and wala - gone. I didn't even have to rub hard. Funny, because I tried both separately before and it didn't work! Thank you. (08/02/2007)

By Sharon

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Try pouring small amount of white wine vinegar on stain followed by a good tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda. As it fizzes, scrub with wire wool. Not much can remain after that! (03/31/2008)

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

We had stains on our linoleum floor and tried every cleaner we had. Then we got on here and read that fingernail polish remover and bleach together worked. It did! I poured a little of the fingernail polish remover on the stain first, then topped it with bleach. As soon as the bleach hit it - BOOM! The stain disappeared! I didn't have to scrub. WARNING- even though this isn't mixing bleach with ammonia it does produce some nasty fumes! I recommend wearing a mask over your nose and mouth and some goggles over your eyes and wear gloves on your hands. And make sure you can ventilate the area. (04/11/2008)

By Kristen

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

I have found that acetone/nail polish remover works for pretty much everything. I had permanent marker on my bathroom counters, coffee table, kitchen counters and polish remover seems to work the best. My 3 year old daughter got into my red nail polish and there was a pool of red nail polish all over her bedroom floor, I went out and bought two bottles of acetone and scrubbed my white carpet and it looks unnoticeable. (04/23/2008)

By ka

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Please be careful about mixing bleach and acetone- it can create Chloroform... it probably takes more than the little bit you will use to clean with to make it potent, but well ventilate your cleaning area and consider wearing a mask. Please keep all children and pets AWAY! (12/14/2008)

By Michelle

Permanent Marker Stains off Linoleum Floor

Oven cleaner brown spots on floor -- this is the dissolved brown grease. The plain cleaner will not affect the floor. Spritz a little more cleaner on the spot, then wipe it up.

Marker will scrub off of most vinyl because there is a top protective layer. This trick only works a few times, then the layer is gone. Why don't they make a whiteboard flooring for kids? Make the kid scrub it up with baking soda on a sponge, it's harmless enough and he probably won't try that again. (03/19/2009)

By Dan

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