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This page contains tips and ideas on how to remove a variety of stains.



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Hand Sanitizer

Removing Hand Sanitizer Stains on Wood?This is a page about removing hand sanitizer stains on wood. The alcohol content found in hand sanitizers can leave awful spots on your wood furniture. Thankfully, there are solutions to help remove or minimize any damage done.


Cleaning Stain From Countertop

Removing Stains on CountertopsSpills and general use can leave stains on your countertops. This is a page about removing stains on countertops.


Applying Wood Stain

Removing Wood Stain from ClothingThis page is about removing wood stain from clothing. If stain gets on clothes when you are tinting wood, it can be difficult to remove.


3 Sharpie Markers with a pen line.

Removing Sharpie on Kitchen Counters?This is a page about removing Sharpie on kitchen counters. Sharpie permanent marker can accidentally get on your countertops.


A woman cleaning a mirror with rubber gloves on.

Cleaning Cloudy Mirrors?Cloudy mirrors can be the result of a residue build up on the face of the mirror or damage to the backing. To clean your cloudy mirror try either foam shaving cream or straight white vinegar in a spray bottle.


Using a pressure sprayer to clean paint off a driveway.

How to Clean Spray Paint Off a Driveway?Is there anything that will take spray paint off a driveway? This is a page about cleaning spray paint off a driveway.


Bottle of Dawn Dish Soap

Using Dawn Dish Soap as a Stain RemoverThis is a page about using Dawn dish soap as a stain remover. In addition to being an excellent grease cutting detergent for washing dishes, Dawn is also a very effective stain remover for your laundry, carpet, or other fabric items.


Stain Remover

Stain Remover for Set-In StainsSet-in stains can be very difficult to remove. This page contains suggestions for removing these tough stains.


fresh picked blueberries

Removing Blueberry Stains From ClothingThis page is about removing blueberry stains from clothing. After you enjoy the berries, cleaning stains from your clothes can be a challenge.



White tablecloth on a table.

Cleaning Yellow Stains on a Tablecloth?Yellow stains on your tablecloth could be the result of age and storage or from spills. Depending on the cause of the stains there are ways to try and remove them. This is a page about yellow stains on a tablecloth.


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Whitening Dirty Washcloths?Many of my white washcloths have a dirt stain in the center (mostly from cleaning my kids' dirty hands/feet at bedtime on those nights they don't get baths. I only use washcloths once before laundering and use lots of bleach, tried RIT whitener (definitely whitened but dirt stains remained).


Permanent Marker

Removing Permanent Marker from ClothingThis marker is meant to be permanent, but sometimes you need to remove it. This page is about removing permanent marker from clothing.


Back of a tan colored faux leather chair.

Removing Ink on Faux LeatherCare will need to be taken when trying to remove ink stains on faux leather items so as not to damage the material. This is a page about removing ink on faux leather.


person mountain biking on red loam hill

Removing Red Clay Stains on Clothing?This is a page about removing red clay stains on clothing. Typically this clay contains quite a bit of iron, making these dirt stains on clothes and shoes difficult to remove.


Removing Tar from Clothing, Removing Tar from Upholstery, Removing Tar from Aluminum Siding

Removing Tar from Aluminum SidingThis is a page about removing tar from aluminum siding. If you have put a tar roof on a building with aluminum siding, the tar get splattered in places you don't want very easily. Removing the tar from your aluminum siding can be a big chore.


Closeup of pink marble slab.

Removing Stains from MarbleThis is a page about removing stains from marble. Marble, while admittedly beautiful, is a porous and easily stained material. There are methods for removing stains from marble that will not damage the surface.


Permanent Markers

Removing Permanent Marker From Vinyl and...This is a page about removing permanent marker from vinyl and linoleum floor. Despite the name, permanent marker stains may sometimes be removed quite effectively.


A boy writing on a white board with a dry erase marker.

Removing Dry Erase Marker From FabricThis is a page about removing dry erase marker from fabric. Dry erase marker can accidentally get on our clothing or other fabric surfaces while we are using one.


Clean Shower Floor

Cleaning Stains on a Shower Floor?This is a page about cleaning stains on a shower floor. Whether your shower floor is made of tile, porcelain or fiberglass, stains may develop that can be a challenge to remove.


Removing Ink Stains from Clothing

Removing Ink Stains from ClothingIt can be difficult to remove ink from clothing. This page is about removing ink stains from clothing.


Vinyl Couches

Removing Ink on VinylThis is a page about removing ink on vinyl. Whenever removing ink from a surface you want to make sure that the fix doesn't create a bigger problem.


Young woman dyeing her hair.

Removing Hair Dye from WoodThis is a page about removing hair dye from wood. Dyeing your hair at home can save you a lot of money. However, sometimes there are accidents. A common unexpected outcome of the home dye job is stains on the woodwork or cabinetry.


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Removing Starch from an Iron?What solution can I use for taking starch off a clothes iron?


Crochet Tablecloth with a cup of tea on it.

Removing a Stain from Vintage Crochet TableclothRemoving age stains or old untreated ones from a vintage crochet tablecloth is possible using certain cleaners and even the sun. This is a page about removing a stain from vintage crochet tablecloth.



berry stains on hands

Removing Fruit and Vegetable Stains on...This is a page about removing fruit and vegetable stains on skin. Many foods can leave color on your skin when you are preparing a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.


Red Hair Dye

Removing Hair Dye Stains from a BathtubThis is a page about removing hair dye stains from a bathtub. Newly dyed hair often has residual dye in it, which can stain your bathtub after washing your hair. Find ways to remove these stains by checking out these tips.


cat peeking out from under braided rug

Locating Pet Urine StainsYou often can smell when a dog or cat has peed, but you can't always see where the accident occurred to clean it up. This is a page about locating cat urine stains.


Micro Suede

Cleaning Oil/Grease Stains on Microsuede FurnitureOil stains can be tricky to remove microsuede but there are some techniques that may be effective. This is a page about cleaning oil/grease stains on microsuede furniture.


Up close photo of a dirty driveway.

Removing Oil Spills from Your DrivewayThis is a page about removing oil spills from your driveway. A car with an oil leak can quickly stain your driveway. Oil stains on your driveway can be difficult to get rid of.


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Removing Tree Sap from a Trampoline Mat?How do you remove tree sap from a trampoline mat?


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Removing a Cat Urine Stain on Art Prints?I have two art prints of some value that a cat has recently urinated on. Unfortunately, some of the urine was wicked onto the print itself. Any ideas on how to get the stains off without further ruining the prints?Thanks.


Liquid Laundry Detergent

Cleaning a Liquid Laundry Detergent Stain on a Wall?This page is about cleaning a liquid laundry detergent stain on the wall. Depending on the composition of the wall, a spill can be difficult to remove without painting over.


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Candle Wax on Polyester?How does one remove melted candle wax from a polyester tablecloth?


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Scotchguard For ClothesI worked with a young teacher who wore Kahki pants a lot and they always seemed so spot free and clean. One day I got the courage to ask her secret.


bicycle tire

Removing Tire Stains from Clothing?This page is about removing tire stains from clothing. Tire and materials made of them can leave marks on clothes.


Picture of crayon stains on a dryer door.

Cleaning Crayon Out of a DryerThis is a page about cleaning crayon out of your dryer. There is nothing worse than opening up your dryer and seeing crayon stains all over your clothes. Cleaning the stains off the clothes is only half the battle, cleaning the crayon out of the dryer can be daunting as well.


plastic coffee mug

Removing Coffee Stains on Plastic?This page is about removing coffee stains on plastic. Stubborn discoloration can develop on your plastic cups and carafes from the oils and tannins of this popular beverage.


Curry in Wooden Spoon

Removing Curry StainsThis is a page about removing curry stains. Curry stains can be difficult to remove from clothing and other fabrics.


A woman putting on nail polish.

Removing Nail Polish Stains From SilkThis page is about removing nail polish stains from silk. Fingernail polish is not easy to remove from this delicate fabric.




Removing Vaseline StainsVaseline is a petroleum based ointment, consequently, you need to treat it as an oil based stain when trying to remove it from fabrics, carpet, furniture, or other items. This is a page about removing Vaseline stains.


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Oven Cleaner for Fabric StainsTo remove stains on clothing as well as car seats and other color fast items try heavy duty oven cleaner. Spray and wash. Works wonders.


Bottom of Rubber Boot

Removing Rubber StainsThis is a page about removing rubber stains. Whether it's from a scum or melted on rubber can easily stain flooring, appliances and more around the home.


Bug Sprayed on Wood Table

Cleaning a Bug Spray Stain on Wood Table?This is a page about cleaning a bug spray stain on wood table. If you get bug spray on a wood table, it can leave a stain and residue.


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Getting Tar out of Jeans?How do i get tar out of my jeans? Violet


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Spilled a Bottle of Nail Polish Remover?My daughter spilled nail polish remover on light blue carpet, we used dry cloths to soak it up. What else should we do?


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How Do You Get Play Doh Out Of Clothes?My sons just got play doh as a Christmas present and my youngest smeared it all over his new Christmas pajamas. Does anyone have any advice before I wash them?


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Red Gatorade Stains on Carpet?How can I get red Gatorade stains out of beige carpet? The stain is about 2 years old and I've tried everything.


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Removing Marker From a Basketball?How do you remove marker from a basketball?


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Erase Permanent Marker from Anything?How do you get a permanent marker out of an orange lifejacket?


Glass of Grape soda with ice and a straw against a white background

Cleaning a Grape Soda Stain on CarpetThis page is about cleaning a grape soda stain on carpet. Food dye stains sometimes need creative solutions to be removed.


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Resolve Carpet Cleaner For Laundry StainsForget the stain sprays for laundry, they never seem to do the job. Resolve rug cleaner in the pump bottle works wonderfully on clothes. Spray the stain, wait 5 minutes and wash, voila!


White Out pen on wooden desk with the word "Hi" written in white.

Removing White Out From Wood?White Out correction fluid can easily be spilled on furniture and other wood surfaces. With the right product it can also be successfully removed. This is a page about removing white out from wood.


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Using Milk for Ink StainsInk stain on shirt? Use milk, pour the milk on the ink stain and wait for a minute or two then wash and hang up to dry. Don't dry in dryer as it will set the stain.


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Removing Oil Stain from Dry Clean Only Fabric?Any suggestions on how to get an oil based stain out of a comforter that is only to be dry-cleaned? The oil stain is Skin-So-Soft body oil. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Wet Erase Marker

Removing Wet Erase Marker StainsThis is a page about removing wet erase marker stains. Wet erase markers are made using water soluble dyes, making cleanup easy.


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Removing Baby Oil Stains from ClothingThis page is about removing baby oil stains from clothing. Oil spots can be a challenge to remove from clothes.


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Removing Paint Stains from Fiberglass Tub?This is a page about removing paint stains from a fiberglass tub. Despite your best efforts, sometimes paint spatters.


PVC Pipes

Removing a PVC Purple Primer Stain on a FloorDepending on the type of flooring you have this stain can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing a PVC purple primer stain on a floor.


Four dry erase markers with the caps off.

Removing Dry Erase Marker on PolyesterThis is a page about removing dry erase marker on polyester. Using the best cleaner for the stain and the fabric are crucial for safe removal of marker stains.


Photo of a tie dyed fabric.

Removing Fabric Dye Stains?This is a page about removing fabric dye stains. fabric dye is not always colorfast and can transfer to many other items, such as your couch, a purse, or even the floor.


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Removing Dry Eraser Marker From Carpet?How do you get dry erase marker out of carpet?


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Possum Urine Stain on Painted Ceiling?How do I remove a possum urine stain from paint work on the ceiling?


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Permanent Marker On Rubber?I have a pair of new shoes with rubber non-skid soles. Bought them onsale, price on bottom of sole in permanent black marker. Have tried alcohol, both rubbing and denatured, Dawn, little pad soaked in oxy-clean, fingernail polish remover, etc. Problem is, I sit with my leg crossed lots of time when wearing casual clothes and shoes such as this, don't want the price "glaring". LOL. Carol


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Removing Tar From The Dryer?How do I remove tar from inside of the dryer?


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Nail Polish out of Afghan?How do you get red nail polish off an afghan without ruining it?


Tip of a Sharpie marker at the end of a squiggly line on white background.

Removing Permanent MarkerPermanent marker stains are a common household mini disaster. Despite the name, permanent marker stains may sometimes be removed quite effectively. This is a page about removing permanent marker stains.


Baby Powder

Using Baby Powder on Grease StainsThe crushed mineral talc in your baby powder may be effective in absorbing grease stains. This is a page about using baby powder on grease stains.


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Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door?Removing Permanent Marker from a Wood Door. How can I remove black sharpie off of a bedroom door?


Red Wine Stain

Removing Red Wine Stains from TableclothThis is a page about removing red wine stains from a tablecloth. Dinner was perfect up until the wine glass flung itself onto the tablecloth. Spills happen, but removing red wine can be difficult.


Brown Suede Boot

Removing Coffee Stains from Suede Boots?This page is about removing coffee stains from suede boots. Coffee can be a stubborn stain to clean off.


A cat has vomited a furball on a sofa.

Cleaning Cat Vomit StainsCats are wonderful pets, but they do have a penchant for throwing up, whether it is a hairball or food. The best method for cleaning up the resulting stains will be dependent on the surface affected.


Three wall air fresheners.

Removing an Air Freshener Stain?Both plug in and spray air fresheners can cause staining or furniture finish damage. This page contains some helpful tips for removing air freshener stains.


Removing a Windex Stain on Bathroom Cabinet - blue stains on bottom of cabinet

Removing a Windex Stain on Bathroom Cabinet?I left a bottle of Windex under my bathroom cabinet in my apartment and after lifting the bottle up, I realize that it has somehow leaked into the bottom of my cabinet. When I rub the stain, it makes a somewhat crackly noise. I've tried getting it out and I just can't! This is a rental so I really can't mess with anything. I'm just trying to avoid being charged.


Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee Stains

Use Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee StainsRemoving coffee stains in cups and decanters can be accomplished inexpensively using salt and ice.


Hands cleaning a stain on a carpet.

Use Windex as a Stain RemoverWindex contains ammonia which can be used to clean and treat stains. This is a page about use windex as a stain remover.


A golf shirt with stains.

How to Remove Stains from a Moisture-Wicking Shirt?There are many new fabrics that are designed to keep you comfortable when active but stains can be sometimes difficult to treat. This is a page about how to remove stains from a moisture-wicking shirt.


hand washing a piece of clothing

Using Lestoil For StainsLestoil is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner that works well to get rid of both water and oil based stains. This is a page about using Lestoil for stains.


Black scribble on white kitchen cabinets

Removing Sharpie from White Cabinets?Depending on the finish on your cabinets you can try any one or more of the several cleaning solutions mentioned in this page. This page contains information about removing Sharpie from white cabinets.


Wiping marble table top

How to Remove a Water Ring from a Marble TableIt can be a challenge to remove water marks from marble. You can try rubbing the water ring with steel wool. This is a page about how to remove a water ring from marble table.


Spilled Candle Wax

Cleaning Candle Wax StainsA hot iron and terry cloth may be the best way to remove candle wax stain from other fabrics. This is a page about cleaning candle wax stains.


Mop on a Linoleum floor.

Wet Paper Stained My Linoleum FloorWet printed or colored paper can transfer its dye to the floor, and be a challenge to remove. This is a page about wet paper stained my linoleum floor.


Spray Paint Can

Removing Spray Paint from Formica?Spray paint can be difficult to remove from many types of surfaces. Formica is smooth enough that some solvents clean it off. This is a page about removing spray paint from Formica.


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Cleaning Red Hair Dye Stains from CountersI dyed my sister's hair red and I had to wash her hair in the kitchen sink so of course I got dye everywhere on our white cabinets, the kitchen sink, and on our counters. I went to this website looking for an answer, but I couldn't find anything that worked so I ended up making my own stuff.


Cleaning Mattress

Removing Blood from a Pillow Top MattressThere are a number of ways you can try to remove blood stains on your mattress, from hydrogen peroxide to cold water. This is a page about removing blood from a pillow top mattress.


Baby on Bed

How to Clean Baby Throw Up Stains on a Pillow Top Mattress?There are several good stain removers on the market for this type of stain. You will need to use a process that works well for cleaning a mattress. This is a page about how to clean baby throw up stains on a pillow top mattress.


Cat on Bed

Cleaning Cat Hair Balls Off a Pillow Top Mattress?Kitties are often indiscriminate in where they relieve themselves of hairballs. Follow the normal procedures for cleaning a pillow top mattress when trying to remove hairball stains. This is a page about cleaning cat hair balls off a pillow top mattress.


Cleaning Mattress

Cleaning Stains from a Pillow Top MattressCleaning a pillow top mattress can be done with a variety of cleaners. The main thing to remember is to not use too much liquid or it will be difficult to dry. This is a page about cleaning stains from a pillow top mattress.


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Removing a Coke Stain from Canvas?Can a Coke stain be removed from canvas and if so, with what?


A fireplace with soot on the bricks.

Removing SootSoot from a fireplace or candle can be difficult to clean off. This is a page about removing soot.


A wood burning stove with a glass window in the door.

Using Bon Ami Polishing Paste to Remove SootBon Ami can be a great cleaning an polishing agent, even on tough stains like soot. This is a page about bon ami polishing paste to remove soot.


Zout Stain Remover

Zout Stain Remover ReviewsIf you are looking for a strong stain remover, Zout may be what you are looking for. Check out these product reviews for Zout Stain Remover.


A kid with paint all over his face and clothes.

Stain Removal GuideFrom oil stains to grass stains, this stain removal guide contains step by step instructions for how to get stains out of clothes, carpet and more.


A handbag with makeup inside.

Cleaning Makeup Stains from Inside a Coach Purse?This is a page about cleaning makeup stains from inside a Coach purse. Makeup can be a tough stain to remove, perhaps even more so if it is on the lining of your purse.


Blob of hocolate pudding isolated on a white background

Cleaning Chocolate Pudding Stains from a Comforter?This is a page about cleaning chocolate pudding stains from a comforter. Chocolate can be a difficult stain to remove.


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Removing Ink from Shoes?My sister works on Dubai; I live in the Philippines. Since Christmas is close she bought a new pair of Air Max Tr 365 for me. When I was writing with a marker it ran out of ink, then I got some refill. When I was refilling it the refill ink poured in my shoes. I removed some of it.


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Sterilising Tablets For Removing Printer InkMilton sterilising tablets dilute with water!


brick walkway with host

Removing Olive Oil Stains on Brick?This is a page about removing olive oil stains on brick. Because of the porous makeup of brick removing oil stains can be a challenge.


Nicotine Fingers

Removing Nicotine Stains on Skin?This is a page about removing nicotine stains on skin. Tobacco users can have stubborn yellow stains on their fingers and hands.


red stains

Removing Dog Yeast Stains on Sheets?My dog gets red yeast around her mouth (she's a jowly dog) and then when she sleeps she drools. The end result is red yeast stains on her doggie bed sheets and on my sheets when she sleeps in bed with me, which she only does occasionally. I had her sleeping on a towel, but during the night she moved off it :(


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Red Ink on White Microfiber Chair?How to get red ink stain out of my white microfiber chair?


mixing hair dye

Removing Hair Dye from CarpetThis is a page about removing hair dye from carpet. When dyeing your hair and the color accidentally stains a rug or carpet, it can be difficult to remove.


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Removing a Dye Stain on Furniture?How do you get dye out of a chair and table?


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Cleaning the Inside of a Coach Purse? - inside of the purse

Cleaning the Inside of a Coach Purse?My Coach bag doesn't have a liner and it's filthy inside. Any tips?


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Removing Pink Mold Stains From Boat Seats?How can I clean pink mold stains on my vinyl boat seats? Not any cleaner or bleach works to wash out these pink stains.


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Cleaning Rust-like Spots on a Bedspread?I have an expensive Matelesse bedspread that is covered with rust like spots. Can a dry cleaner remove them? The suggestions to remove on clothing won't work as it is a huge surface.


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Removing Dry Erase Marker from a 100% Cotton Quilt?I was studying for exams one day and I was studying on a dry erase board with the marker. I accidentally got the marker on my hundred percent cotton quilt how do I get it out?


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Removing Hand Sanitizer Stains on a Wood Necklace?A kid chewed on it and I put water and hand sanitizer on it. How do I repair it? It has great sentimental value as my grandfather suffered greatly with cancer and this is all I have left of his. BTW someone told me it was olive wood before it got stained, and it was stained everywhere as I immersed it.


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Removing Blood Stains on a Quilt?My teenage granddaughter spent the weekend with me and left me with my most loved quilt stained with blood. I didn't know it was on the quilt until after it was already dry. All I had at home was Max strength Spray and Wash. I sprayed it really good with that and it did absolutely nothing. So, do yall think I can rinse just that area in cold water, let it dry and then try the peroxide?


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