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Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress


I cleaned a pillow top mattress with Spray Nine and it definitely got out the pee smell. This is to all those dads out there with Spray Nine.

By Mike from NY


By paula 19 82 08/26/2010 Flag

What is Spray nine?

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 08/26/2010 Flag

Mike, you don't mean Formula 409, by any chance?

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By xintexas 28 395 08/26/2010 Flag

Never heard of Spray Nine. New perfume or after shave?

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By Hilda Cooper 4 26 08/27/2010 Flag

There really is a product called Spray 9:
There are several Spray9 products, which Spray9 product did you use to take the pee smell out?

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Archive: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I have a pillow top mattress stained with blue ballpoint ink,pet urine, and my husbands sweat.I believe that I got out the pet urine but anything that is cleaned on the mattress stained or not also leaves water stains, we tried a stain remover for ink which got out most of it, but my mattress is only a year old and from looking at it, you wouldn't think so. I would have even tried to bleach it but it's a cream color mattress. Do you have any ideas to clean all the stains on my mattress and help me get it to look like new? I'm desperate.Thanks.

Tarsha from West Warwick, RI


RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

Most fabric stores have a display of stain removers, there are about 6 different types you can chose from, depending on your type of stain. But before you start spending money, I'd try a bit of fingernail polish remover (but beware if you smoke in bed, as this needs to be ventilated for several days after use as it's flammable)

On ORGANIC stains, (like blood, food and coffee) use Hydrogen Peroxide. They make a commercial ball point pen remover that is usually quite effective. But, for sweat, try peroxide, It's amazing! (09/22/2007)

By Cyinda

RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I know the stains are bothering you, but I'm thinking the best way to deal with this problem is to just buy a mattress cover. It will cover up the stains you have, and keep your mattress from getting any more stains. Also, you can buy waterproof mattress covers (this would solve the problem of your dog peeing on the bed). Mattress covers can be easily removed and washed in the machine. Good luck, whatever you decide. (09/22/2007)

By Jessica

RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I would be very careful using nail polish remover if the cloth covering is a synthetic or synthetic blend. It can dissolve Super Glue or Krazy Glue; I don't know what it might do to polyester and such. My concern might be unfounded but I know polish remover is strong stuff. Cyinda's other suggestions are excellent.

Also, Google "Stain Removal". You will find suggestions for just about every kind of stain.

One other suggestion: shop around for a good, fitted mattress pad. They are great to help keep your mattress looking new. Shop carefully as there are several types at vastly different prices. I just looked at and, and personally I don't think I would like most of the expensive ones as well as an all-cotton (and less expensive) model. Mine are older cotton pads and I can just toss them in the washing machine, which is handy, and I dislike sleeping on foam rubber.

Sleep well! (09/22/2007)

By Alph

RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

Many carpet cleaning companies can also steam clean furnishings like mattresses, lounge suites, dining chairs, car interiors. I always use a 100% pure cotton quilted "mattress protector" under my sheets. This can be washed at the same time as the sheets. If you have a problem with incontinent pets I would suggest placing a large plastic sheet on top of the mattress, then putting the mattress protector on top of that. This is done in hospitals and nursing homes to protect the mattresses. As for the husband, showering immediately before going to bed, keeps the bed fresher for longer. Good luck! (09/25/2007)

By Julie - Australia

RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I keep peroxide on my bathroom lavatory to get most stains out of anything that is washable. It works on different fabrics, especially those with some cotton content. I learned this from a pharmacist that poured catsup on the white dress shirt he was wearing, took his handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned it perfectly! Alcohol will take out the ink stains with no problem. Be sure to put something under the stain to absorb as you go! And using a small piece of white fabric that won't leave lint on your item you are cleaning is a big plus! (09/25/2007)

By June

RE: Cleaning Different Stains from Pillow Top Mattress

I don't know about using it on a mattress but I use plain old vinegar for removing stains and odor from just about everything. It certainly won't hurt. the peroxide is good, too. (11/06/2007)

By Pat