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Shih Tzu Has Bad Breath


My Shih Tzu has bad breath. Is that common? I would like to know what to do about it. It does not bother me but my daughter and son cannot stand it.

By Bird Watcher from Niagara Falls, Canada


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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 04/23/2009

It has been my experience that bad breath comes from teeth that need to be brushed. There are dog toothpastes and different kind of chews that help clean the plaque off of the dogs teeth. If it is really bad it may need to have it's teeth cleaned by the vet. Is the dog taking any medication? Ask you vet if you can give the dog cloraphyl tablets and how much. I am not sure if this is good for dogs or not but it makes us have less bad body odors!

Good luck, Robyn

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By linda bosco 2 04/26/2009

Also make sure the hair on his face is clean too. I also have a a shih tzu and when I keep his face clean it seems to help. Hope this helps :)

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 05/01/2009

You probably need to brush his teeth. You can get doggie toothpaste and brush and do it yourself or you can pay your vet to do a thorough job. I think it's easier if you start when they are puppies. Dogs need their teeth cleaned just as much as people do. Many people don't even know this as I didn't for many years until one of my dogs had a swollen face and an abcess. He ended up needing surgery and costing me plenty which could have been avoided by brushing his teeth regularly. I felt so badly for not knowing about brushing his teeth.

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By ilovesophie 20 165 05/02/2009

Many times bad breath indicates an infected tooth so you should take your dog to your vet and have teeth checked.

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