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Removing Wrinkles from a Prom Dress

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Prom Dress

Certain fabrics are not supposed to be ironed and it can be a challenge to remove the wrinkles. This guide is about removing wrinkles from a prom dress.


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Question: Removing Wrinkles from Polyester Prom Dress

Salmon colored prom dress.I have a prom dress situation. When I bought my dress they handed it to me in the standard carrying bag, however because my dress is long (it has a train) and the fact that we didn't immediately take it out of the bag it is now wrinkled all along the sides at the bottom. The fabric is polyester (95%) and nylon(5%) and says no steam or direct heat. My prom is in two weeks and I don't know how to get the wrinkles out. Any suggestions?

By Taylor

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]05/13/2013

Try hanging it in the bathroom then running a long hot shower-the steam from the shower should relax the wrinkles.

If you're reluctant to try that (or if that doesn't work), you can take the dress to a professional dry cleaner for specialty pressing. The dry cleaner has special pressing equipment for fragile fabrics and should be able to get all the wrinkles out.

Gorgeous dress, love that colour!

Question: Wrinkled Prom Dress

I am new to this but I have a prom dress that I wore to my senior prom and am using it for another prom. My mother mailed it to me and the bottom half is now wrinkled. I don't wanna pay to get it cleaned just for them to remove the wrinkles. The dress is polyester nylon and acetate. It says professional spot clean only and no direct heat or steam. How can I just touch it up and remove the wrinkles without having to pay an arm and a leg? Please someone help me. Thank you!

Brittyv from Honolulu, Hawaii

Best Answers

By Dacia in Iowa (Guest Post)04/25/2006

I do professional alterations. Acetate is an awful fabric. You can't get it hot or wet. But, this is what I would try. Get a COTTON press cloth. You could use a tea towel or a pillowcase. You will need to use light steam and a low temp iron. Borrow a good iron that can steam on a low temp if you don't have one yourself. Our professional iron will do this. Some home models that may do it are by Rowenta. Try this on the most inconspicuous spot. The acetate will change colors - let it cool and it should be fine. The trick is you need pressure and steam. Be sure to TEST first. If you don't want to try this, you can get it "pressed only" (not cleaned) at a local dry cleaner or tailor. Have a safe and fun prom.

Best Answers

By (Guest Post)04/24/2006

Try putting the dress in a dryer on air or the coolest setting possible with a wrung-out hand towel. Tumble for about 10 minutes and hang up immediately. Also, a dry cleaner/tailor shop can just press a garment without cleaning it.

Best Answers

By Skitterbug (Guest Post)04/22/2006

The spray wrinkle removers are great. Downy has one called Wrinkle Release. Just spray and then smooth fabrick with your hands while its still damp. The moisture spray doesn't hurt the fabric at all. Try it.

Solutions: Removing Wrinkles from a Prom Dress

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