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Bleach Discolored My Silver Bracelet


Can you help me please? I dropped my silver bracelet in bleach and it has gone grey.

Thank you.

By Ian


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By Brandy J. 3 8 07/03/2011 Flag

Over the years when a piece of my silver jewelry has gotten forgotten in the depths of my jewelry box, it will tarnish on its own due to normal oxidation. I have found the best cleaner for that is toothpaste. I just put a dab on the item and rub it in real good. For the more intricate designed pieces I use an old toothbrush to get in those crevices. Then rinse in clear water. Plain toothpaste is best but whatever the newer kinds with whiteners and such will work too.

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By Janice C. 18 710 07/06/2011 Flag

Please don't use toothpaste on your jewelry. I know it sounds like a good, economical thing to do, but toothpaste is abrasive. It will scratch the surface and your jewelry will never be pretty and shiny again. Use professional jewelry cleaner. It's not expensive and a jar lasts forever.

Also don't use toothpaste on dentures. It will scratch them too.

Bleach is corrosive to metal and I don't think your silver bracelet will ever look like new again. You might try clear nail polish on it to give it some luster. I'm sorry this happened to your bracelet.

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By Barbara 5 29 07/07/2011 Flag

I use cigarette ashes on mine. Just take a damp cloth and dip it in the ashes and rub it in very easy. Then rinse the ashes off. I have been doing this for a lot of years, and never had a problem. Hope this will help you.

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By Susan 1 07/12/2011 Flag

The same thing just happened to me last week while I was cleaning and thought I damaged my rings from having my hands in bleach water. I did the same thing, I first scrubbed the heck out of the rings with a toothbrush and then remembered that I had a silver cleaning cloth and rubbed them until they were all cleaned up and shiny. :)

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By Trish 6 35 07/09/2011 Flag

If I happen to drop a piece of my silver dinnerware in dish water with bleach, it tarnishes on the spot. I simply get out the silver polish and polish away. Works every time so please try a good brand of silver polish and remember to use a soft cloth to polish with. Good luck! Banty

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By sdemars985 1 02/02/2014 Flag

I was cleaning with chlorine bleach a few days ago and forgot I had my silver ring on. Needless to say it looked terrible. I made a paste of baking soda and water and used a soft toothbrush to brush it on and Hooray, the ring is like new. Hope this works for you, too.

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