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Cleaning Coated Eyeglass Lenses

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How do you clean anti-reflective eyeglass lenses and multi-coated lenses?

upulgamage from Sri Lanka



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By tt-rexxx (Guest Post)11/17/2008

most all materials will scratch plastic with coated lenses over time. I use a micro fabric cloth from lenscrafters works great without liquid and can be washed when dirty

By Bette (Guest Post)08/07/2008

Three comments: I have always heard that since paper is made from wood pulp it can scratch glasses.

My glasses were tuning cloudy when I cleaned them and when I told my optical store what that I was using alcohol with a little Dawn in it they said the alcohol reacts with those coatings and is causing the cloudiness.

They said if I am going to make my own to use distilled water with a few drops of Dawn or any dish washing liquid in it and that has solved my problem.

By Chris Richman [9]08/05/2008

Be sure you rinse the lenses well before cleaning or polishing to remove any particles that may scratch the lens surface.

By Judy (Guest Post)08/05/2008

I was told to use a paper towel.

By DEBRADJ. (Guest Post)08/05/2008

I had an old flannel nightie that I cut up and use to clean my glasses. There are commercial products but soap and water does it for me letting them dry then polishing with the flannel

By mcw [80]08/04/2008

I asked the same question at an optical shop and I was told to use a soft cotton cloth and a mixture of a small amount of rubbing alcohol and water.

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