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Chili With Too Much Salt

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We over salted Chili and was wondering what to do. Any ideas?

John Barnwell


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By Steve B.01/24/2015

Don't use sugar. Changes the profile of the Chili.

By Patty (Guest Post)04/09/2008


By Dave Monte (Guest Post)02/12/2006

read above and used a large potato, cut up, and a little sugar at a time. Worked like a charm :)

By Barbie (Guest Post)03/10/2005

I have tried the potato cure and quite honestly it didn't do as much as claimed....I would simply make another batch and not salt it and mix them together and freeze the excess for another time...modification for over seasoned food seldom works unless you just add more of the same basics and eliminate the problem ingredient....

By Julie [7]03/10/2005

I find adding more tomato puree helps disguise the salt.

By Holly [349]03/09/2005

Next time, do not salt it at all and let the family add salt at the table!


By Linda (Guest Post)03/08/2005

How about serving it over spaghetti made with no salt?

By Carla J. Sanders [3]03/08/2005

If you oversalt chili or soup or anything like that, take a couple potatoes, peel them, cut them in big chunks (that can be fished out later) and put them in the pot. They'll soak up the salt in no time. When all else fails - add a couple more cans of tomato sauce/paste, a can of beans and another pound of browned hamburger. Then you'll have enough to freeze.

By ang (Guest Post)03/08/2005

Add lots of grated raw potatoes, and the juice of half a medium sized lemon. This will drastically reduce the saltiness of the chilli.

By Sandie (Guest Post)03/08/2005

Add a small amount of sugar to counteract the excess salt. Begin with small amounts so you don't overdo it. Quit adding sugar when you no longer taste the saltiness but it has to be done with very small amounts so you can guage properly when to quit.

By PJ03/07/2005

Sometimes if you add chunked up potatoes to soup they seem to absorb some of the salt. I don't know if this would work for chili, though. You might just make another batch, this one without salt, and add it to the first one. Chili freezes beautifully.

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