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Free Sample Websites

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Are there any free sample sights that really work? Most I have tried don't!

By Debra from Hampton,TN


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By misha jones01/31/2011

My favorite site is Its updated all the time and the links always work.

By FrugalMom0711/23/2010

I love this site, no surveys. Each Free sample is directly from the company and if you sign up for their email you will get a update list of free samples!

By Charlene [9]10/27/2010

I subscribe to There's not always free samples every day, but they offer coupons and lots of tips of where to buy stuff on the internet.


I check the free sample site for Wal-Mart weekly. Plus do Bethmom1961's idea too and sometimes receive free samples along with the coupons when I call the different companies!

By Beth [5]10/27/2010

On the labels of most product there is a phone number and email address. I use them frequently to contact companies to tell them about a product I like or dislike or just have a good/bad experience. I almost always get coupons in snail mail.

By Suntydt [75]10/23/2010

I made a free site for my church at, it is lacking in some ways but it is free and pretty wysiwyg for novices.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Free Sample Websites

More free sample sites! I used that Walmart site from a while back (now on my bookmark bar). I told my mom and she found me some more sites in one of her books! I thought I would share the ones that worked for me!

Have a happy day! If I find more, I will be sure to share!

By starchild Lamoille County, VT

RE: Free Sample Websites

The key is finding a good freebie newsletter and you will get a lot of samples and free stuff. I signed up to a bunch of them and then weeded them down to two really good ones: arlanas and momanddads. Just type those names in and you will get to the newsletter. They are wonderful. (04/30/2007)

By micksgirl

RE: Free Sample Websites

I own a free sample website and I only post free samples that require NO SHIPPING, no handling, no credit card, no cost, no participation, nothing required, just fill out a form and get a freebie. If you would like to see the site, here is a link: Would love to have new members! Anyone? (04/30/2007)

By hagathna

RE: Free Sample Websites

Archive: Free Sample Websites

I have tried many so called "free sample sites" but you either have to fill out a bunch of stuff or you don't receive anything. I am on a fixed income and would love to know of some real, free sites that send real samples. Thanks very much. God Bless you!

By Deb816 from TN

RE: Free Sample Websites

Try They offer several freebies each week. (05/01/2009)

By mom-from-missouri

RE: Free Sample Websites

I like following sites:

Use an RSS reader to make it fast and easy to check the sites. (05/07/2009)

By rjwilcox

RE: Free Sample Websites

Try manufacturers websites like:
  • Dove
  • Kraft
  • Quaker Oats
  • Post
  • Kelloggs

Many offer free samples and really good coupons. (05/07/2009)

By monnat96

RE: Free Sample Websites

I like, Shop4Freebies FreebieEmpire, FreebieSwamp, and FreebieSnatcher. If you vote for one of these websites it will take you to a bbl list click on this and it will take you to the list of other sites. If they say you must participate click "off" as fast as you clicked on, they're rip offs. Good luck and have fun. (05/07/2009)

By castleberrycc

RE: Free Sample Websites

Here's the link for the Walmart samples:

Once it opens click on "free samples". Their samples change often so check it weekly :-) And don't be discouraged if you don't receive every single sample you request because they are each mailed on a first come first serve basis. (05/07/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Free Sample Websites

You could try joining one of the many many freebie groups. I belong to freebeesforme at and they only put really free freebies on there. It also has a cafe you can join to talk about freebies and everything else under the sun, lol. I also get two newsletters arlana and freestuff and it's all free. (05/07/2009)

By micksgirl

RE: Free Sample Websites

I have been using for some time. I usually have great success with everything on there. It's very user-friendly and they have many forums, such as instant wins and sweepstakes as well. Happy sampling! (05/07/2009)

By cookiestitcher

RE: Free Sample Websites

I use Just check the samples section every morning and you'll find links directly to the manufacturers' web sites. You don't have to download a bunch of stuff that probably leaves cookies on your computer. (05/08/2009)

By ChloeA

RE: Free Sample Websites

I use I love it! (05/08/2009)


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