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Use Wallboard Joint Compound as a Dimensional Paste in Crafting


Here's a way for crafters to save money. I use wallboard joint compound as a dimensional paste in crafting. You can buy it at hardware or home improvement stores. At Lowe's I bought a 3 lb. container for $2. I stirred oatmeal into it and used it for Santa's hair and beard, you could also use cornmeal for a textured effect for snow. You can take a knife and frost it over stencils to emboss. When it's dry it can be sanded. It can be used in many ways, and costs far less than dimensional paste at craft stores.

By Valerie


By Elisabeth 1 11/22/2004

What did you use it on? In other words, is it pretty much adhering to everything-like glass, paper, wood, clay flower pot, etc. Hmm, I wonder how it would work on cloth if I attempted to make a fabric box...

Great tip-good thinking! Thanks!!


PS-BTW, I just read that putting cooking oil in a spray bottle and using that instead of something like PAM. It works just as well and, like your tip-it's less expensive.

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By JazzyMe 12 79 05/14/2012

Oh! So cool! I've used it in my much younger days for it's original purpose and never thought of using for crafts. One could even paper mache sculpt with it. It's paint-able, sand-able, and I think it could be used on fabric as an inside substance to firm things up a bit. It will not dry clear. It's sort of like using a thin clay paste.

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By JazzyMe 12 79 05/14/2012

How cool. I only used it for it's origanal purpose. Never thought of using it for crafts.

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