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Ivy Houseplant Has Brown Spots

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My Ivy houseplant has brown spots on some of the leaves. What is causing this?

Hardiness Zone: 9a

By VICBILL from The Villages, FL


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By Wesley Eldridge07/04/2009

Over watering perhaps or the soil is to old to feed the roots It sounds like a good idea to get a new pot ( Pick out a nice ceramic one that will fit the ivy and it might be a good idea to split the Ivy in to two

Get a bag of indoor potting soil from the garden dept ( Just a guess but a 5 pound bag sounds about right )

Carefully remove the Ivy from the old pot and insert the rootings into the new pot ( if you want to you might concider a rectangular planter (pot) and keep the spacing at two three inches apart from each Ivy stem rinse the roots as you replant don't hand scrub em a little rinse should do the trick.

slowly water the new soil so that it seeps in slowly to new pot and add water slowly until it begins to drip out from the bottom holes after it stops dripping place the plant in a spot that has the following:

No to very little direct sun and if possible a shadowed corner at from direct lighting from inside light bulbs.

Harder then it sounds I know as Ivy does need to be hung up higher and you still want to see your Ivy maybe the top shelf of a cabinet in there or TV entertainment consoul and the use of floor lamps over ceiling lighting would work better.

The soil does as well need to be replaced every 2-3 years and a good scrubing with a scratch pad and dish soap for the pot as well is a very good way.

Watering habit is to stick your finger in to the soil and if you can feel dry soil to the first bending line of finger it's time to water.

The brown spots didn't happen over night it may take as long to see em go away as well.

The extra ivy will make a great gift to someone after it has gotten well so yeah dispose of the old soil and scrub it up and use the same bag of potting soil left overs ( opps you used it all up on the new pot buy more chuckle chuckle ) indoor potting soil is the one and only Miracle Grow products I use.

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