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Can You Use Easy Off in a Self Cleaning Oven?

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Good grief. I cleaned my son's self-cleaning oven with Easy Off. Have I ruined the oven?

By Carolyn from Shreveport, LA


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By Carolyn Phillips [10]01/12/2011

LOL Duly noted, Deeli :)


The only damage you 'might' have done is to remove some of the glossy finish of the inside of the oven. That should be no big deal unless your son really cares about perfect surfaces ;-) In the future I recommend you tell your son to clean his own oven by simply turning on the self cleaning buttons. It's really easy. ;-)

By Lizzyanny [9]01/11/2011

The older ovens that had a coating that made them easier to clean were the ones damaged by oven cleaners. The newer ovens are not. The newer oven cleaners are much less caustic also.

By Hallie [5]01/11/2011

I don't know if easy off would damage the oven or not, but when ever we clean the oven we use Windex, that gets the oven really clean! and it isn't harsh! :)

By DEBY [18]01/10/2011

No, you haven't ruined it. Just rinse well with wet washrag.

By Carolyn Phillips [10]01/10/2011

Thank the good Lord! I don't have a self-cleaning oven, ergo I never once thought about it.

By Deanj01/07/2011

We first use the self cleaning feature and then the Easy Off to clean the difficult spot. No, I don't believe you have done any damage. I am sure the self cleaning element will work the nexttime the oven needs cleaning.

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