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Homemade Clove Oil

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Please post a recipe for clove oil made from home.




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By Diane [1]04/20/2010

Homemade oil - Bruise the cloves and fill a small jar with them. Pour in olive oil to cover. Allow to sit 1 week, then strain out the oil and save. Repeat the process with the same oil at least once more, but best if repetitions continue until the olive oil is saturated with the released clove oil.

By Guest (Guest Post)04/10/2005

Because of the danger of microorganisms-and flavored oil you make at home should be used that very day. Any longer than that and you are putting yourself at a risk for botulism! Don't try boiling to sterilize. The process that companies use is very complicated and that's why those oils cost so much. Just thought I would warn everyone.

By Ela (Guest Post)02/28/2005

Why don't you infuse cloves into an oil or alcohol?

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