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Cleaning Up a Beauty Shop


I have been hired to clean a beauty shop. How can I remove all the hairspray build up off the walls, blinds, and floors. It hasn't been cleaned this good for years! Help, I don't want to have to spend a week on it.



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By MA (Guest Post) 03/17/2005 Flag

I think your best bet would be wax stripper, which is available from janatorial supply stores. It is nasty stuff - use only as directed, and with good

Rubbing alcohol might not be a bad solvent for the hairspray residue, but it may be slow, and the stuff is fairly volatile. The wax stripper will
probably work better.

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By Morgan Kneib 1 9 03/17/2005 Flag

I wish I had a great idea for the old build-up but I dont-as of yet, I will ask my hair dresser this weekend, he keeps his shop very clean, but after you get it all up, baby-wipe type things are the best for everyday clean-up to prevent more build up. I find it much easier to spend some effort every day, over a massive clean up that take an entire day! have a great day!


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By (Guest Post) 03/17/2005 Flag

rubbing alcohol and or vinegar works great to strip the hairspray.

Just put in a spray bottle and let sit for a bit and wipe clean.

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By Brenda (Guest Post) 03/17/2005 Flag

Hello, The best way is to use Shampoo! A good cheap one is Suave clarifying Shampoo, it removes build up from your hair. I used to be in the hair business & I think this is the easiest. I just wet a basic kitchen sponge with hot water & shampoo & scrub away, I rinse with a clean sponge. If it's really thick let it soak for as bit.
I also use this shampoo on my hair & I'm real picky, I've always liked the spendy salon products!
I hope this helps you!

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By Deb (Guest Post) 03/18/2005 Flag

From professional cleaners: To get rid of hairspray on mirrors and tiles, dampen a soft terry cloth with rubbing alcohol. Use a circular motion to wipe away the hairspray.

But I have checked with many professional cleaners, supply houses and beauty shops, and have tried all of the other tips, and have found nothing that will take hairspray off walls and woodwork without removing the shine, if not the finish. Whoever invents a "solution" (pun intended) to this problem will be wealthy overnight! I just ordered some Restore4, and if it works, I will definitely post my good news.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 03/19/2005 Flag

On the beauty shop problem, try using apple cider vinegar.

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By Kiki 3 03/28/2005 Flag

When My hair used to be longer, and I had to use a lot of spray to hold it up, the stuff got everywhere... In My experience, something like a glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol works best, but may discolor paint or wallpaper...

You could try good old fashioned soap and water, as that works as well, with a little more effort to rub it off.

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By laki (Guest Post) 06/09/2008 Flag

A Mister Clean Magic Eraser works well.

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By Betty 14 78 05/02/2009 Flag

I used to own and keep an immaculate salon. I used plain old ammonia.

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