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Eyebrow Pencil Not Lasting All Day

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When I apply my eyebrow pencil in the mornings it is almost gone by noon. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I started having this problem in the summer. I never had it in the winter time. I am not sure if the summer heat makes it disappear or maybe I need to buy a more quality pencil. I normally just buy the pencil that you sharpen from the dollar store. Is it better to use the eyebrow pencil (the one you have to sharpen) or the automatic pencil that never needs sharpening (the one that screws out when you turn it on one end)? Please help.




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By Nancy Mc (Guest Post)04/30/2008

I use old mascara on my brows and then a small brush to get rid of the excess. You can use waterproof mascara. Also I would like to know which waterproof eyeliner you all like.

By metroplex [81]04/29/2008

How about use a clear eyebrow setter over your powder. It looks like mascara, but it's clear and it's supposed to keep your eyebrows in place.
I'm sorry, but I can't remember the brand I used, but it's a drugstore item and several cosmetic companies make it.

By Nancy in NC [1]11/18/2007

Hi, onesummer,

I don't have a suggestion for you, but a request: could you (or someone) please tell me what brand of automatic pencil have you used, and where you bought it? I used to use Revlon pencils but can't find them any more; their automatic pencils seem to be the best quality.

Nancy in Florida

By LUVVY (Guest Post)10/24/2007

Do they make them in a waterproof pencil, like some eyeliners? I have to use waterproof eyeliner pencils as the oils on my eyelids wash away most liners in a few hours.

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)09/27/2007

I prefer eyebrow powder. It gives a much more natural effect. I believe Maybelline makes that product.

By kayrayriggs [3]09/26/2007

Try Bare Escentuals eye brown powder with their Weather Everything Sealer. Lasts all day and into the night!

By Jennifer (Guest Post)09/26/2007

I used to have that problem also! It was either from touching my face too often or excess oil. For the past few years Maybeline brush on color for eyebrows has worked wonders. Use any brand of eye drops on the brush (1drop is good enough). Eye drops also work wonders making sure your eye makeup stay on for hours. Face powder helps seal it all in. Take my advice...I am Asian and this REALLY works!

By Kendy [4]09/24/2007

I have been drawing on my eyebrows for 30 years now, and the best method I have found is to use an eyebrow pencil with small tiny strokes, then blend with an old toothbrush. Then go over that with brush on powdered eyebrow makeup, again using small strokes to keep the look as natural as possible. Blend again with the toothbrush and don't be afraid to use a little force as this will keep it real looking. If you find they look too severe you can do some additional blending with a light touch of a Q-tip. When you have achieved your desired look dust them with face powder. Try to go a shade lighter than your hair color, and don't be afraid to buy quality products, they last a long time and beautiful eyebrows are your face's best asset.

By Mineral Magic Cosmetics (Guest Post)09/24/2007

Use liner and apply translucent powder on top. Reapply brow liner. It doesn't matter what type of liner; some like the convenience of not having to sharpen a pencil.

By Ima James09/24/2007

My advice, throw the pencil away or use it for a liner.
Buy Mabelline brush on brow color. Little slanted
brush, been using it for years and love it.
It lasts forever and cheap. Comes in black,
dark brown or light brown. Try it, and let me
know if you like it. IMA3

By SL Edens [1]09/24/2007

Have you tried to dust powder over the brow pencil after you apply it? Use either face powder, which will lighten the color, or use a powdered eye shadow that is close to the color of the brow pencil.

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