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Filling In Acrylic Nails Inexpensively

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My husband recently gave me a gift certificate to do something to my nails at a local spa. The lady told him to do it for $75 (since he did not have a clue how much to buy). When I first saw the certificate I can't describe what rolled through my mind that $75 could have bought. But I thanked him and went for my nail treatment.

It has now been a couple of weeks and I need to either have a "fill in" or soak them off. I find that I like having nails which I have never been able to grow, but there is no way I would ever pay this every 2-3 weeks. I do still have a little on my certificate that I have not spent but what after that? Does anyone know of a way to "fill in" that it is not expensive?

By notwrong


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By Kim Sappington11/11/2009

These products do not make for healthy nails. If you don't want the expense of the twice monthly fill-ins, go to a beauty school and have a manicure once or twice a month. Depending on your area, you can probably go 5 or 6 times for the same $75. Good Luck!

By Marilyn J Ference [7]08/04/2009

Forego the acrylic nails and go to your local Walgreens (or any other drug store) and purchase Calcium 600mg with vitamin D. I have NEVER had nails that would properly grow and if they did get any length to the they would split, bend and break off. Since I've been taking the Calcium my nails look just as good (if not better since it's "free") than acrylics any time. Once you've grown them out have your hubby polish them up for you. With a little practice he should become just as proficient as someone in a salon.
Good luck and I hope this tip saves you some $.

By Paula Jo C. [24]07/30/2009

Up keep for me is about $15 a week. To me I am worth it, aren't you, too?

By JSRP [16]07/30/2009

Wal-Mart sells acrylic fill in stuff for less than $10. Maybe get that kit to fill in, then after it is dry use the rough side of an emery board (about $1 for a pack of several) to smooth it out. Then buffer and repaint the area to match the acrylic nails. I've tried this before with nail glue itself and the results were similar; nail glue is cheap as well.

By Janet [11]07/30/2009

You could go in & have just the nail polish done again & it extends the time a little. I used to get my nails done, & I would purchase a bottle of the nail color. After about 2 weeks, I would repaint my own nails & I could get a little more time.
It's so expensive though, that it is one of the things I felt I had to give up. I really miss those nails, plus my own nails have been super soft for almost 3 years now from the salon nails.

By Carol L Craig [21]07/30/2009

The fill-ins are only about $15.00 to have the same nail girl do them for you. When you originally had the nails put on, that is the expensive part. The upkeep, like I said, is only about $15.00 every other week.

By dakota [4]07/29/2009

Go have your nails filled the first one or two times and watch very closely how they do it. then go to Sally Beauty Supply and buy the powder, liquid, no lift, brush cleaner, brushes, and files. Go to walmart for the nippers. for $50-$75 you can get the supplies and can do your nails for a year. I have been doing my own for about 15 years and it takes a couple of hours every 2-3 weeks. It just takes practice.

By kathleen williams [76]07/29/2009

You need to do as I do, a friend told me about putting "Hard as nails" finger nail polish on my nails. They would not grow, and were easy to break. So I keep it on my nails. It really works, protects the nails. I use the clear polish, good luck.

By Anna Shobe [5]07/29/2009

You might try going to a beauty/cosmetology school and having them filled there this is always much cheaper. The students are supervised by liscenced instructors. Otherwise you can purchase acrylic nail fillers, and kits from a beauty supply store but the quality may be inferior to what you would get from a salon.

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