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Cleaning Fabric on Old Furniture


We have been given a very old couch and loveseat set. The fabric is badly soiled. We used the upholstery attachment on our carpet shampooer with upholstery cleaner and it didn't really come out any cleaner. Does anyone have any ideas on what else we could try?

Lindsie from Avoca, NY



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By Lynda (Guest Post) 10/21/2006 Flag

P.S. If the fabric is not washable, it may be Herculon, Rayon Damask, or other fabrics treated against stains/water, etc. If you had no trouble with it falling apart when you used your steamer, it could also be a tough variety of velour used on a lot of REALLY old furniture, AND should still hold up with OxiClean. I would test an inconspicuous area first to see if it bleaches. What some folks call bleaching is actually the lifting of old dirt that had discolored the fabric over time. If there is a gross improvement, just take more time to do a good job and it should
improve unless there is something like years of hand
lotion, or vasoline, or the like on the arms, or something. I ran into this with a LOVELY chair that I found being tossed, when I steam/OxiCleaned it. It
can also be Paint or artificial tanning cream from a more recent owner if it refuses to release the stain.
There are so many fabrics, staining agents, factors
that can be frustrating, but I believe I have encountered enough of them to know when I need to pass on it. Think it through before tackling it again since it will take a lot of scrubbing/steaming/
rinsing. It had better be WORTH it, girl! LOL

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By Lindsie 7 9 10/23/2006 Flag

Thanks so much Lynda. I may wait awhile to do that so that i can do a good job, but I will definately try it.

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