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Musty Smell on Tupperware

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How do you get the smell out of plastic glasses and bowls? My tupperware has a musty smell. I have tried soda.

Ima Lee from Sulphur Springs, TX



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By nancy nunez [11]07/21/2009

I like to store the lids on my tupperware so I dont have to search for them, and fortunately i have room to do so. I put in a coffee filter and then close the top almost all the way and they don't have a musty smell!

By Cleo (Guest Post)01/12/2007

I have always used a mix of baking soda and vinegar in hot soapy water. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes then use a scrubber pad to scrub. Rinse in very hot water then in very cold and let air dry.
If able set in the sun to dry also may whiten it as well.
Good Luck!

By Kim (Guest Post)01/09/2007

I have used each of these at different times with success:

- crumple up newspaper and stuff inside with the lid on and leave for a day or two. take out and repeat with new newspaper if needed.

- put upside down out on the grass long as it is not windy out :-)

- put out in the sun

- put some baking soda in with the lid on and leave for several days. repeat if necessary.

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