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Remedy for Itching Mosquito Bites


Mosquitoes tend to eat me alive. I needed a quick fix to alleviate the itching, and I didn't want anything that was either too stinky or left dots all over me. Some store products didn't work for me. I tried table salt on the moistened area (it helped, but granules kept falling off). Apple cider vinegar didn't smell good and relief didn't last that long. Peppermint toothpaste would have worked, but again the splotches and fear of having it rub off onto other things. So, I tried deodorant - it worked great and no messy residue! I found starting out with a clean shower (because there were so many bites), then rubbing deodorant over the bites, stopped the itching and kept it that way for a long time. And it was easy and portable to take along if the bites started acting up again.

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By Diane from Rochester, NY



By Kay 22 53 08/23/2010

Wet a bar of any kind of soap and rub on the bite; it will stop the itching. This is great for babies and small children who have such sensitive skin.

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By helen 70 81 08/24/2010

Hi, I was reading your tip for using deodorant on the bites. I also get really bad bites but I treat them now with aspirin mixed to a paste and leave on for a while. This takes down the swelling, I also make up a spray of witchazel 60 mls. then add 20 drops of lavender, 20 drops of peppermint essential oil into a spray and this really works with the itching. You would have to spray again when the itching starts again. helen xx

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By Lilac 20 1,331 08/24/2010

A little dab of aspercreme works perfectly too.

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By Nancy Owens 7 18 08/24/2010

I like this simple idea! I am anxious to try it. Now if we could just keep them from biting without the smelly sprays!

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 08/24/2010

I'll go try this, as soon as I climb over my sleeping dog, lol! The mosquitoes chewed my left leg to pieces Saturday night. :P

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By Barbara Pope 12 99 08/24/2010

Up until about a month ago I walking to work every day for a couple of years, I was also getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and whatever else flies around in Kansas. So, I had already bought some citronella for something else. I rubbed it all over and it worked great. Someone at my work made a comment about smelling oranges, but it did not seem overwhelming to them. A friend of mine also said that using plain lye soap works to keep away bugs.

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I had read here at ThriftyFun that using a bit of lavender essential oil on your pulse points works. I tried it and it worked for me. I have immune deficient problems because of emphysema and actually was bitten a couple months ago and ended up with cellulitis because of the bites but since then I've used the lavender oil and no more problems even though the skeeter population is out of control here. I think the skeeters are especially bad this year because of having a wet spring at least that's why they are so bad this summer where I live. I am in a high desert area that normally doesn't have a wet spring.

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By bbbenny 1 06/05/2011

Try a Therapik. Heat neutralizes mosquito bites and the Therapik delivers focused heat to the sit.One or two applications will do the trick and it usually eliminates the swelling as well.

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