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Exercises For Your Face

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Looking for effective facial exercises. I have lost just enough weight to cause tiny folds. Thanks.

By Anne from Lewiston, ME


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By Debby [21]06/23/2009

Definitely Carole Maggio! Boy, her book has every type exercise you can imagine. One I like to do is this: Sit up straight and slowly turn you head to the right. Lift your chin up and "kiss" the ceiling. Then, slowly turn to the left and repeat. You can really feel the stretch.

By Tim Lawson [26]06/23/2009

Try They are very detailed in the face exercises that will take care of various parts of your face.

By Heather Krucker [10]06/22/2009

Richard Simmons said to say over vowels with your mouth opened wide.


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Archive: Exercises For Your Face

Over the past year I have noticed my face is a lot fuller and my skin is sagging somewhat. Does anyone know if there are any exercises that will help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Denise from MO

RE: Exercises For Reversing Full Face With Sagging Skin

Richard Simmons had a series of facial exercises in one of is books, check your local library. The ones I remember are saying your vowels, a-e-i-o-u with great extravagance, you'll really feel the pull in your face and neck doing so. Another one was opening your mouth as wide as you could and then closing it in a pout as tight as you can. Head rolls help with neck thickness and double chins.

Of course you'll need to repetitions on each of the above. Sorry that's all of them I can remember right now. (10/17/2007)

By Jan in OK

RE: Exercises For Your Face

Try to touch the tip of your nose with the tip of your tongue. Do this several times a day, it helps with a double chin. (10/17/2007)

By azDana

RE: Exercises For Your Face

There is a book about this: Facercise by Carole Maggio. I bought it and liked it. It takes a lot of repetition. (10/17/2007)

By Lily-May

RE: Exercises For Your Face

Lean you head all the way back, staring up. Then move you jaw like if you were chewing. You should feel a tug below you your chin. This will possibly get rid of double chins and tighten extra skin. (03/30/2008)

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