Keeping Garbage Bags In Place

Garbage Bag in Trash Can

It is annoying when the trash can bag liner slips down into the can as you add trash. This is a guide about keeping garbage bags in place.


Solutions: Keeping Garbage Bags In Place

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Tip: Use Binder Clips to Secure Garbage Bags

Bags in garbage cans slipping. I was getting frustrated with garbage bags slipping down on the inside of my tall kitchen garbage can every time I tried to put more garbage in. I sometimes would get the bags that grip the rim but they still slipped and were more costly.

One day, I took binder clips (the black or colored clips with silver bars that you get in office supply stores) and used two clips, one on each side on the garbage can rim, clipping the bag to the can. I flipped the bars down. They easily went on and I was able to close the lid. It has worked like a charm. I can now use any type of bag that is on sale.

By Shardebhow from Cherry Hill, NJ

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Tip: Keeping Trash Bags in Place

When I buy trash bags that don't like to stay in place, I simply measure off a length of elastic, sew it together and fit it over the trash can. When the bag is put into the can we simply pull the elastic over the edges and this keeps it from moving. We never take the elastic off, (except to clean it) we simply push it down a little, lift out the bag, and replace it.

By Gem from VA

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Tip: Keeping Grocery Bags from Falling in Trash Cans

I like to use plastic grocery bags as trash liners for the small trash cans in my house but they have a way of falling inside the can which is annoying. I have found that by sticking two plastic coat hooks, one on either side of the wastebasket, upside down, you can use the hooks to hold the handles of the grocery bags and voila - bags that are cheap and secure! The hooks can be put on with double sided foam tape or Command strip hooks that come with their own removable adhesive.

By Tony

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Tip: Keep Trash Bags In Place

When installing a new trash bag in my trash can, I found when putting trash in it some times the bag would slip down. I solved that problem by wetting the outside of the top part of the can with a little soap and water. I used a cloth or sponge to dampen outside, then place the trash bag in it and over the top of the can. It never moved until I needed to take the trash out.

By Marcy from Houston, TX

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Tip: Securing Kitchen Garbage Bags

Tired of having the trash bag pull off the rim of the can when you toss something a bit heavy in the can? Take a piece of elastic from the sewing basket and make a large "rubber band." Slip it around the edge of the can and pull the top of the liner through the band all around. It won't happen again.

By Linda from Vista, CA

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Tip: Use the Right Size Trash Bags

Some of these tips are downright genius and can really keep your trash bag in place, but instead of going all out, maybe just use the right size garbage bag. If you know your garbage can size, you can figure out which bag your can will be able to hold. If you get the right size trash bag, your bag will stay secure around the edge of the can.

    By rachelpla [1]

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    Tip: Cupboard Garbage Bag Hanger

    Does your kitchen garbage bag fill up and fall off the wire rim (the kind you affix to the cupboard door)? I solved this problem with two small hair clips (spring loaded) one on each side of the bag. Never had the bag fall off since.

    By Ann

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    Tip: Line Trash Can With An Extra Bag

    In our effort to stuff our trash bags to the fullest we can't always slide them out of the can without great effort or breakage. The solution to this is to put one bag in the can and then put one on top on the first one. When the top bag is full it slips right out of the can with very little effort and no breaking the bag. Thus saving bags and frustration.

    By Joan G.

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    Question: Liner for Wastebasket Keeps Slipping

    I have a beautiful ceramic bathroom wastebasket and I was wondering if I could use double sided tape to hold the liner inside? I bought some 3 gallon liners, but they keep slipping down inside the wastebasket. Any suggestions?

    By Onesummer

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Ariela [33] 12/08/2011

    What I do is grab 2 edges a few inches apart and tie them in a double knot like your shoes. If its too tight stretch it a little so its loose enough to tie. I do this every day only takes a second.

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    Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    I try to recycle whenever I can and use the plastic bags that merchandise and food come in from stores for liners in my smaller garbage pails. I found that putting a rubber band around the rim, helps hold the bag from slipping when items get thrown in. Finding the correct size rubber band was like a needle in a haystack and I also found that they get brittle and break often.

    I came up with this idea several months ago and have not used a rubber band since. I tried using girl's elastic head bands (you can get a package of 10 at a dollar store) and they work like a charm. They also last a long time. No more breaking or getting your fingers snapped!

    By maryeruth from Palm Coast, FL

    Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

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    Archive: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    I was having trouble keeping the waste paper basket bag from falling inside the basket. Well, a bungy strap that fits a little snug works great. No more slipping.

    By Joyce from Tennessee

    RE: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    You can also just tie one corner of the bag in a small knot and the bag will fit snuggly. (03/01/2007)

    By PICO

    RE: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    You can also use the clips from the office supply store. The size would depend on the thickness of the basket. We use the large ones for our trash barrels. Laine (03/02/2007)

    By Laine Butterworth

    RE: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    I used to take a piece of 1/4" elastic and cut to the right length and tie the ends together or else sew them together and slip that over the edge of the bag. (08/12/2009)

    By redhatterb

    Archive: Keeping Trash Bags in Place

    To keep plastic trash bags in place, I cut a length of 1/4 inch elastic and tie the ends together - like forming a large rubber band. Slip this over the bag, at the rim of the can. Works very well for kitchen trash cans and bathroom wastebaskets.

    By Chris from Levittown, PA

    Archive: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    If the trash bag in your kitchen garbage bucket keeps slipping down, simply cut the elastic off the waist band from an old pair of panty hose and slip it around the top, securing the bag to the outside of the garbage can.

    By Gretchen from Aberdeen, SD

    RE: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    I use the elastic from an old pair of my husband's briefs that I cut off. lol. Works like a charm. God Bless. (10/08/2010)

    By Trish in CT

    RE: Keeping Bags from Falling into the Wastebasket

    I used a piece of elastic from my sewing basket. I just cut off the length that I needed and tied a knot in it. It has been working great on my tall kitchen plastic trash container for several years. Before the elastic, the plastic bag was constantly sliding down when anything heavy was thrown in. (10/08/2010)

    By Kathryen