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Advice for Arranging a Room

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I have a dilemma for arranging furniture in my living room. The dimensions are 22 x 13. However I have two windows 7ft tall by 9 ft wide, on two connecting walls and then an opening to the dining room. I have a couch, loveseat, and one chair.

By Lori from Madison, WI


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By Renee Strange [8]01/02/2011

I think you need to acquire more furniture in order to make conversation areas, moving the furniture out from the walls and creating areas such as TV watching with the sofa, chair and coffee table, game or card area with a small table and chairs, or a reading area with a comfy chair, end table, and floor lamp. Fill in with plants and benches can take the place of chairs, also. Look on Craigslist, lots of people are moving and will sell cheap rather than haul it.

By Rebecca Jessiman [3]01/02/2011

There is a website that I always use when I want to rearrange the furniture in our apartment. You have to sign up for it, but it is free to use. is the site.
I will say you should actually measure each piece of furniture to make it as accurate as possible because you can change the size/shape of the furniture on the site.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Advice for Arranging a Room

I need help with a family room that is 13 x 20. The one long wall has a built in bookcase, fireplace and door. The wall opposite of this is a 6' double hung window and a set of french doors (that lead to a sun room) on either end of the wall. On the 2 shorter walls, one has a door entering to the kitchen and the wall opposite of this has a built in bar and closet. There is a 37" flat screen TV in the room. There is currently a sofa, love seat, recliner, coffee table, and end table in the room. Can anyone please help me arrange this room? Thank you.

By Nancy from Durham, NC

RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

I'm not good at "seeing" things unless I can see them so. I would do like my very detail oriented husband does with everything. Draw a room to scale on graph paper, mark windows, doors, bookcases, and fireplace, cut out your furniture pieces to scale and move them around on the paper until it all fits and looks good. This is easier than moving furniture! (03/15/2010)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

I used to do that, only I didn't use the graph paper, I just measured out the sizes of the items in the room. I used 1/4 inch on a ruler for each foot of the items. Then when I was done using it, I would paper clip the items together and put them in a folder for the next time. (03/15/2010)

By redhatterb

RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

I think it's on Divine Design that the host will give a quick idea for a question such as yours. Why don't you cut and paste your query to us to their site on (03/16/2010)


RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

If you would just draw a picture of your room showing the placement of doors, the window and other permanent structures, and take a picture of your drawing, either post the picture on TF or email it to me I would be glad to help you. Arranging furniture is a hobby of mine and I think I could help you. (03/18/2010)

By latrtatr

Archive: Advice for Arranging a Room

I need help placing furniture in a 7 foot wide by 16 foot long living room with windows to the floor on the 16 foot wall. There is no wall across from the windows, but it opens into the hallway and kitchen. There is a 7 foot wall before entering the hallway and the other end is open to the front door.

By Barbara from Jacksonville

RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

Boy, this is tricky, but I think you have to use rectangular pieces where you can, avoid circles as they will take too much space. Make a few conversation areas that you group to create separation. (09/08/2010)

By Allison5

RE: Advice for Arranging a Room

I would also avoid using oversized furniture pieces in this narrow space. I would take advantage of the windows if you have a lovely view of the great outdoors and hanging planters would be great in front of a few windows evenly spaced. A mirror on the other wall across from the 16 ft would make the area appear larger and bounce off more light. (09/09/2010)

By Lorelei

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