Getting Pine Sap Off Hands

Getting Pine Sap Off Hands

Tips for removing pine sap or pitch from your hands as posted by the ThriftyFun community. Post your own ideas here.


While arranging some pine boughs in a vase as a centerpiece, I ended up with pine sap all over my hands. I tried soap, Dawn, scrubbed, and scrubbed, nothing worked - still sticky.

I went upstairs and got some toothpaste (not the gel kind) and put a quarter size dollop in my hand, then added a bit of water. Washed my hands like you normally do and the pine sap was gone - no sticky!

By Jenny in KY

Pam Cooking Spray

My son in law told me to use Pam, or something similar, to remove tree sap from my hands and he was right. It came right off.

By Granfran

Pam Works In 10 Seconds

Pam works fast and it does not hurt from scrubbing. I could not remember where I read butter, but after looking at Pam, and having tried many of the above solvents: Dawn, toothpaste, Joy, Grease Monkey, tar soap, baking soda, finger nail polish remover in the past. I decided to try the internet first this time. Pam non stick food spray! 10 seconds, and soft clean, smooth hands!

By Katylin

Nail Polish Remover

My mom always used fingernail polish remover. I've heard you can use petroleum jelly as well.

By Sachi

Lestoil Cleaner

We have always sworn by Lestoil.

By japhysimon.


While working at a florist shop, we used WD-40.


Cooking Oil

To get "Pine Sap" off your hands, put a small amount of cooking oil on your hands just enough to coat your hands. Then rub your hands together for about 1 whole minute or so. The pitch will loosen up and once it does you can then wash it off with soap and water. Repeat if necessary. Works great!

By Luckyluke

Peanut Butter

I've found That peanut butter works best at removing pine tar from your hands. Put a little dollop in your hands, wash and rinse as usual with a little warm water and your good to go.

By C.M . Mang

Oil Is The Key

The peanut butter worked great for me! I think any oil based product such as butter, Pam or any kind of cooking oil will do the trick, too.

By Michelle


By Jill (Guest Post) 10/14/2007

Goof Off, Goo Gone, and lighter fluid for pocket lighters all work very well.

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By mary (Guest Post) 10/17/2007

Avon skin so soft oil works great for us-hands and feet!

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By Michele S. (Guest Post) 11/03/2007

I tried the cooking spray and it did work great. Also softens hands. A two for one deal. AWESOME!

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By Sean (Guest Post) 12/11/2007

After reading the above, I tried Canola oil to remove pine sap. Worked great. I agree, I think any oil-based product will likely work.

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By kk (Guest Post) 12/17/2007

spray pam worked...and fast!

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By tyler (Guest Post) 04/16/2008

Toothpaste worked.

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By Niki (Guest Post) 05/15/2008

Cooking oil worked wonders, thanks.

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By Ryan (Guest Post) 07/10/2008

Thanks People! It really works. I tried using PAM to get the sap off of my sandel and it worked. I just sprayed it on, waited 10 seconds and washed it off. You just need to scrub a little bit. Thanks!

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By Josh B (Guest Post) 07/31/2008

Pam cooking spray works the best. Just spray a quarter size amount in your hand, rub your hands together and its GONE!. Then just was hands with soap like normal.

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By JoAnne (Guest Post) 08/05/2008

A million thanks! I ended up here from Google because my daughter had a pine tree drip sap right onto the inside corner of her nose, next to her eye. The oil worked fast and like a charm. Thanks again everybody! JoAnne

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By enaj (Guest Post) 08/12/2008

New convertible top covered with pine tree sap and droppings! HELP Jabne

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By michelle (Guest Post) 09/14/2008

Mayonnaise works well also.

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By Mary Hermans (Guest Post) 09/20/2008

The cooking spray worked terrifically! Thanks!

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By Dianne (Guest Post) 11/23/2008

I got pinesap on a beautiful dress of mine. Someone suggested hand sanitizer. It worked great and didn't leave a stain like oil.

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By RON (Guest Post) 12/08/2008

Just good old butter and wash it off.

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By Dakota (Guest Post) 02/23/2009

Toothpaste worked really well.

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By Denise McArthur 06/06/2009

The Pam really worked fast. Thanks

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Peanut butter worked a lot. Thanks. I suggest oily cooking supplies were great like toothpaste, mayonnaise, and toothpaste. :) Happy.

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Baby Oil

I knew it took sticky wax off your skin, so when I had sap from a Christmas tree all over my hands I decided to use some baby oil and it took it right off! No harsh chemicals!

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