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Use Magic Eraser for Streak Free Glass

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I found this by accident when wiping a blender "spray" on my kitchen window. I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser which was right there to clean it up. The window was spotless, no streaks etc. So, then I tried it on my glass doors and was I amazed. Needless to say, I went around the house doing mirrors windows. Fabulous. No streaks, no film. I use it on the inside of my car windows too. A sponge lasts a long time. It is also great for those tea stains in cups and on spoons. I keep one just for windows. I am a fanatic about windows and have tried everything. This is by far the easiest and the best.

Source: On the Mr. Clean box it says glass, etc. I was amazed

By Margaret from Dudley, MA


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By neuroticmom [9]08/06/2010

Had to laugh as I was just checking the box today to see just what is in them that is so magical. I have never tried them on windows but you can be sure I am going to! I have tried everything for my windows and nothing seems to work so I am crossing my fingers! I can say however I did not have luck using them on the grout on my kitchen counter it didn't work.

By Lola (Guest Post)08/08/2008

My new lover! lol The day I tried one, I literally cleaned my whole house, all the stains, and was perfectly spotless, yes windows, mirrors, anything and everything, spent 10 hours literally. lol

By Diana (Guest Post)08/08/2008

I don't think you should do that. Magic Erasers work because they are mildly abrasive. That's why you shouldn't use them on things that scratch. Yes, they're great for getting out stains, but remember that you're slightly damaging the surface of whatever you're cleaning.

By kim03/13/2008

I kknow I love theses things and they are great with my 3 yr old who loves to write on evreything, they take off ink, crayons, and permanent marker from the walls...

By Red (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Well if that will finally be the trick to cleaning my car windows I will be thanking you forever!

By doodles [8]03/11/2008

Seriously, what ARE those things made of - and why didn't whoever 'invented' them come up w/ it alot earlier!? These are the best things to use since running water! It's hard to remember what I ever used before. They work on just about EVERYTHING!

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