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Calcium Deposits on Faucet

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How do I remove calcium deposits from chrome faucets?

By Yvonne from Cornwall, Ontario


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By Darcie [3]01/27/2011

Depending on how big the area is, grab a washcloth/dishrag and soak it in straight-up white vinegar. Lay the washcloth over the area and leave it, the longer the better. Then just rinse and buff!


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Archive: Calcium Deposits on Faucet

How do you remove calcium deposits on a faucet?

By cdey from Ocala, FL

RE: Calcium Deposits on Faucet

Hot vinegar works like a charm. Just put a little in the microwave until it is hot. Pour on and wipe off. (04/04/2009)

By siris

RE: Calcium Deposits on Faucet

I agree with the vinegar. We usually just fill a Ziploc bag with some vinegar, stick the faucet inside the Ziploc bag and put a rubberband around the faucet and bag and let sit for awhile. It comes clean every time without any scrubbing. (04/05/2009)

By paxpuella

RE: Calcium Deposits on Faucet

CLR works great. And you can find it anywhere. You just spray on and wipe off. (04/06/2009)

By jesikarena

RE: Calcium Deposits on Faucet

Vinegar is an acid, so you'll want to test a drop on an inconspicuous part of the faucet before you do the whole thing. Based on a review in Family Handyman I tried Bring It On Cleaner on my horribly stained faucets. I had to leave it on for a few minutes, but I'm satisfied with the results. I was able to get a free sample at (04/07/2009)

By Don

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