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Freezing Lettuce

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We just got a food saver and we want to freeze up salad mix. I want to know the best way to freeze lettuce, or if you even can. I can't find anything about freezing lettuce.

By Cathi from Vancouver, WA


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By happychappy09/22/2012

I have frozen romaine hearts for use in green Smoothies by first blending the leaves with just a little water in my Vitamix blender, then freezing in ice cube trays. Then I add the frozen cubes to green Smoothies in whatever amount desired.

By Holly [349]04/08/2010

How about if you vacuum seal it and keep it in the fridge, one week's worth at a time. Just make sure to cut the opening in an even line, or the sealer won't seal when you re-seal it.

By dna53 [3]04/07/2010

If you intend the lettuce for salad STOP it cannot be done.

By mcw [79]04/06/2010

Why don't you make and freeze some lettuce soup. Try the following website and see if there are some lettuce soup recipes.

By Des04/06/2010

Yeah, think about how soft frozen and thawed strawberries are. The freezing break the cell walls of the plant and it will loose its "crispness". If you are going to add it to soup or something, it should be fine. But it won't make a good salad.

By Lisa [2]04/06/2010

Yeah, I agree with Dedeswrkshop. I've had lettuce get frost on it, and it got damaged (I was able to remove the frost-damaged spots and the remainder was okay). You can try it, but I don't think it will be successful.

By dede smith [17]04/06/2010

To my knowledge, lettuce has too much water in it to freeze it. It would thaw and be a nasty slime like stuff.


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Archive: Freezing Lettuce

Can you freeze lettuce in freezer bags?

Sandra from Lansing, IL

RE: Freezing Lettuce

No. When you freeze lettuce and then defrost it you get something akin to what you get when you defrost spinach. Please don't freeze it. (06/13/2007)

By Ms April

RE: Freezing Lettuce

Ms April is correct! Lettuce is one thing that is completely un-freezable. However, I make all of my soup stock from scratch and keep a bag in the freezer for all of my veggie scraps and I always include lettuce, especially romaine. (06/15/2007)

By JuliaY

RE: Freezing Lettuce

Lettuce has such a high water content that when you freeze it the ice crystals pretty much ruin it. (06/18/2007)

By Beth

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