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My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

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I have 2 male finches and one female finch (all Zebras). I have tried to add a pure white finch before, but they wouldn't play with her or be very nice and she died.

This morning, I went to clean their cage and found a egg in their seed bowl. I have never put in a breeding nest and am now unsure if the egg will hatch or if this is just something that happens every now and again. I'm rather confused because I was told they wouldn't breed without privacy.

What should I do to look after a baby finch? Will they lay another egg? I'm assuming no, but thought I should ask anyway. Will it be a issue that there is two males?

Thanks to all that help. Lana :)

By Alanah from Brisbane


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By Kathy Lam [6]02/10/2011

I had Finch's that also laid an egg in their food bowl. I placed a nest in their cage. One that hangs. It wasn't long before eggs started appearing. I would place shredded news papers, cat fur and other soft items in the cage for them to build their nest with. Before you new it, I was the owner of 16 babies. It is truly fascinating to watch. They pretty much will take turns in caring for their young. However when they got older (Showing their colors) I would separate the males and females. I kept the breeders together. I am not sure how two males would react to the babies since both parents have an active role in raising their young. You may want to call a pet store and get an expert opinion. But if you could possibly figure out which is the father, it would be an experience you would want to see first hand.

RE: My Finch Has Laid Some Eggs

By xintexas [28]02/09/2011

If they are not fertilized they won't hatch. Just cause you have male and female birds doesn't mean that these eggs are fertilized. Female birds can lay eggs even without a male present. I had a cockatiel that used to lay eggs with no male bird present. This is quite common. Call a Vet that deals with birds and reptiles and get more info.

By Anonymous [848]02/09/2011

I once had a pair of finches and she laid eggs all of the time but the eggs were never fertilized by the male so, of course, they never hatched. If she has laid all the eggs (zebra finches often will not sit on them until the last one is laid) and is not sitting on them constantly, except for eating, then they are not fertile or something is not right about them. If as time passes the eggs take on a deeper blue/grey color then there is an embryo but if she's not sitting on them the majority of the time they are not going to hatch. Zebra finch eggs generally hatch at 14 to 18 days.

You should also make sure she has enough calcium nutrition since she'll often lay eggs. There are special egg foods available at pet stores and it wouldn't hurt to have nesting material just in case there ever ends up being fertile eggs. Don't touch any of the eggs until you know they are not going to be hatched because many birds will shun their eggs after being disturbed.

Enjoy your finches! I loved mine because they made the most relaxing sweet sounds and it was fun to watch their antics. Oh, and every time the phone rang they broke in to a chorus. Oh, and there are ooddles of books on finches at the library so maybe check a couple out to learn more about your babies. :-)

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/02/2005

I have two finches and I was told that as long as you don't put a nest in the cage they won't lay eggs. Well, mine did, and she layed them in the food tray. So, I just added another food tray so I didn't disturb the eggs. But, I only saw them sit on the eggs a few times. I'm not watching constantly but, when do they sit on them? Or are these eggs going to not hatch? Please help. I have made some calls to pet stores and I was told to throw the eggs out. Well, I can't! They are only about a week old. Any information I would greatly appreciate! Thank you,

LilHoneyBrat form Minnesota

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